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PCS News 05/4/18

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Update From the Board

At the April 19 meeting of the Board of Trustees a budget of $792,015.58 was approved for the 2018-2019 school year.  This budget is largely focused on wages for our wonderful and hardworking staff and building maintenance and lease. The school calendar for next year was also approved. The next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be May 17, 2018, starting at 6pm. The Board is very excited about our joint fundraiser with the PEF on the evening of May 23rd at LaBelle Winery.  We encourage everyone to purchase tickets for yourselves and your friends to join in the fun, games, prizes, and laughter. Please see https://www.reachforthestarsgala.org/events/reach-for-the-stars-game-a-thon  for more information and ticket sales.


New Playground Equipment

Thank you PEF!

We appreciate all you do for Polaris!



Donation Request

The students are still hard at work, and the teachers are in need of some supplies! Any donation of the following items would be greatly appreciated.

Tissues, markers, glue sticks, lined paper, colored pencils, index cards, pencils, 13 gallon trash bags, paper towels, cleaning wipes and band aids



Healthy Minds 

This week in Healthy Minds, Ms. Butterfield introduced the topic of stress to both Primary and Intermediate students. She taught the students about how their bodies react to stressful situations, and how we can recognize our bodies symptoms when under stress. Symptoms such as, elevated body temperature, sweaty palms, feelings of anger or frustration, upset stomach, and butterflies were discussed. After recognizing our bodies are undergoing stress, we must find ways to calm ourselves down and relax. A class conversation about different strategies to calm down were then discussed amongst students. Solutions such as meditation, deep breathing, finding a place to be alone to regroup, talking to a friend, parent, or teacher, and lastly squeezing a stress ball to relieve tension within our bodies. The students then made stress balls using balloons, flour, and rice. Students were encouraged to ask permission by their classroom teachers to use in class if undergoing a significant amount of stress.

Core Value Determination

As we approach our last few weeks of school, it is a good time to focus on determination. We read the book “Courage” by Bernard Waber.  We also watched several clips from the movie “Finding Nemo” that showed great examples of perseverance.



 Pavo Class Share

 The Pavo Class has been learning about the ocean, the creatures that inhabit it and the harmful effects pollution has on both. Tying into this month’s core value of ‘determination’, each student created a slogan encouraging people not to pollute our oceans and beaches. These slogans were accompanied by a picture that reflected the slogan’s message.

 Star Students

Our Star Students recognized so far this month were:

Alayjah, Ellie, Lilly, Mikail, Maryam, Wendy and Maru



School Calendar Changes

Due to the number of school cancellations, we have made the following adjustments to our calendar:

 The third trimester Learning Celebrations have been moved from June 6th/7th to June 13th/14th

We now have school June 15th, 18th, 19th and 20th (regular early release day)

Our last scheduled day is June 20th. This is subject to change if we have more cancellations

Parent/Teacher/Student conferences will take place the afternoon of June 20th and June 21st

We will also be adding one full day of school on a Wednesday June 6th for our Field Day at Camp Carpenter. 

Upcoming Events

May 10 at 7:00 PM PEF Meeting

May 6-May 19 Polaris Read-A-Thon

May 23 Reach for the Stars: Game-A-Thon

May 28  Memorial Day No School
June 6 Field Day

PEF News

Reach for the Stars:  Game-a-thon

(Polaris Annual Fundraiser)

LaBelle Winery on Route 101, Amherst, NH
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 (6:00PM to 9:00PM)
There is still time to purchase your tickets!!
Link to purchase tickets:


Tickets $50/pp – includes fun, games and food full of creative twists on American classics 

A fun night has been planned to raise money for Polaris. We kindly ask that you purchase tickets ASAP, as knowing the # of participants will help determine some of the games played. All attendees will receive Polaris Tokens (Yes, tokens especially made for Polaris, how cool is that!!). Additional tokens may be purchased if needed. There will also be games that do not require tokens to play.

Our Polaris “Wish on the Star” wish list for the school will be coming back for parents to help light up the night with donations going to the school.

Please join us to help raise funds for Polaris and earn bragging rights by bringing home the trophy! YES, there is even a trophy!!

Polaris Read-a-thon

Our Read-a-thon is set to start this SUNDAY May 6th – May 19th. While this a fundraiser for the school, it also instills the core value of reading. Prizes will be awarded for not only money raised BUT also for the time spent reading. You do not have to raise money in order to participate. Reading alone will get rewarded. Please watch for additional information coming soon.

 Polaris Annual Picnic – JUNE, 23rd starting at 12PM

The PEF annual picnic is set for June 21st, 12PM at Clough State Park, Weare, NH. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a splashing good time with current and new Polaris families. A Polaris “hub” meeting area will be established, so new families can be introduced and friendships can begin to unfold. Bring all the towels, sunscreen, food and beach chairs you need to make this a great event. This is a great event for our new families to come join and meet next year’s classmates. The PEF is always looking forward to meeting new families and introducing them to the Polaris family.

How to get involved?

Polaris Educational Foundation (PEF) is our version of a PTO

The next PEF meeting is set for May 10th at 7PM at the school. Please join us as we always have much to discuss. Polaris teachers will be at the first half of the meeting. Come out for a meet and greet! This month we will be nominating people into new positions. Voting will then take place during our June meeting. Positions to fill for the 2018-2019 school year:

1)     Officer: Treasurer – Are you good with organizing and tracking? Balance sheet & Income/Expense sheet to manage.

2)     Committee Chair: Student Ambassador Program – Amazing kids with great ideas ready to take leading roles within Polaris to help support core values, students, teachers and the community. We can’t wait to see what they will do! The concept has been created and we just need a parent to help lead and nurture them throughout the 2018-2019 school year.

3)     Committee Chair: Destination Imagination – Our kids really can do it all by themselves! This first year here at Polaris was a great success and we are looking for a couple volunteers to help keep this program here at Polaris in 2018-2019. See for more info http://nh-di.org/

4)     Member at large: Looking for 2 more members to attend meetings, vote and support other committees

Please feel free to contact any member of the PEF with any questions you may have. We love to see new faces and get fresh ideas. https://polariseducationalfoundation.org/

The PEF is an integral part of the school and we need your support. If you are unsure of who a PEF member is feel free to contact Jenna Bridgett. She is always willing to talk about the PEF.   jpbridgett@gmail.com



Giving Tuesday

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