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PCS News 02/02/2018

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Scholastic Book Fair

February 5-9, Polaris will have our first Scholastic Book Fair! This book fair will help us earn free books for our library! The book fair will be held at school as well as online. Students will visit the book fair with their classes for a preview of what is available. They will be able to complete a wish list which parents can then choose to buy books from, or add them to the class wishlist. Each class will have a wishlist for community members and parents who wish to donate a book to their child’s classroom. Donated books will be adorned with a special bookplate acknowledging the donor. If you are interested in donating but cannot attend, please email Mrs. Apac at b.apac@polarischarterschool.org

We will also host a family night so families can shop with their children.  You can also watch a parent video about the book fair at http://www.scholastic.com/bookfairs/parentvideo

Star Students

Our Star Students recognized on January 29 were: Khoi, Lilly, Maya, Colton, Jace, Tricia and Ahmed



Sculptor Class Share

Last week the Sculptor class shared their planet projects, which includes creating a government system, educational system and inventions for their planet.

Hydra Class Share

Miss Haynes’ class has been learning about poetry, and they read poems from the book Clay Feet. In this book, the illustrator drew pictures and then the poet wrote poems based on the illustrations instead of the other way around. Miss Haynes’ class did the same thing. Each student drew a picture of anything they wanted, and then the pictures were randomly handed out to the class. They then had to write a poem based on the picture they received. Students studied different types of poems and got to choose which kind they wanted to write. They came up  some very descriptive poetry!

Primary Class Visit

Mr.Velez came to visit the Primary Classrooms this week.  During his visit, he led the three Primary classes in an exciting and engaging conversation about the 6 simple machines they have been learning about.  He asked the students questions that tested their knowledge of simple machines!  He ended his visit by challenging the students to engineer a solution to an everyday problem!  The students had to work in groups to figure out how they would get a piano from the Gathering Room to a moving truck in the parking lot!  Students needed to collaborate and decide what they would need, how they would use it, and act out what they would do!  It was a great visit that the students couldn’t stop talking about!!


Intermediate Class Field Trip

Mr. Bailey’s and Mrs. Apac’s class went on a field trip to Saint Paul’s School. High school students created presentations about thermodynamics and temperature for Polaris students. The presentations included aerodynamics of aircraft’s, expanding and condensing molecules, temperature in space and much more. After these experiments, we learned a little bit about space and went on a tour of the school. During the tour, we saw Saint Paul’s robotics and engineering lab; where students were working on an autonomous go cart. On the tour we also explored the green house, solar telescoped observatory and other labs.

Perseus Class Project

The Perseus class completed their buoyancy experiments this week by building tin foil boats. Every team conceptualized and constructed a boat and made a prediction of how many marbles it would hold. Several teams beat their prediction several times over! After the first trials, teams revised their design and tested again. The students really enjoyed this project and are looking forward to their next exploration.

Upcoming Events

Feb 5-9  Scholastic Book Fair

Feb 26-March 2  February Vacation

March 14  Primary Learning Celebration

March 21  Intermediate Learning Celebration

March 23  No School due to conferences​

PEF News

The PEF is looking for a volunteer to re-decorate three bulletin boards. If you are able to help out, please email us at PEF@polarischarterschool.org.

Save the date: March 24, 2018 is the Annual Gala at LaBelle Winery. Stay tuned for more information.

Please join us at the next PEF Meeting: February 8, 2018 at 7:00 PM. This meeting will be held at Polaris.

We will be looking for several new PEF board members for the next school year. We anticipate half of the PEF board will need to be replaced. Now is the time to jump in and get involved!




Giving Tuesday

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