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PCS News 01/12/2018

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Update From the Board

Best wishes to all for a healthy, peaceful, and joyful 2018!
The Board of Trustees is continuing to pursue the 2017-2018 goals we set for ourselves. One of these goals is to increase membership on the Board of Trustees to a total of nine members. We are currently searching for one or two new parent representatives and two additional community representatives. Attached is a copy of the Trustee job description. If you know of someone who might be interested in becoming a Trustee for Polaris Charter School, please share the job description and encourage the individual to contact our Director, Jen Murdock-Smith at j.murdocksmith@polarischarterschool.org or the Board of Trustees Chair, Jill Cane, j.cane@polarischarterschool.org for more information.
The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is on Monday, January 15th, starting at 6:00 PM.  (Although there is no school that day, the Board is still meeting.) The agenda includes the monthly report on the financials for Polaris and the monthly report from our Director.  We will also have updates on our current projects, including our governance, outreach, and fundraising goals for the current school year.  Visitors are always welcome and a time for public comment is reserved at the start of every Board of Trustee meeting.

Re-Enrollment for the 2018-2019 is Open!

You should have received an email with your login/password for Sycamore Education this evening and another one with instructions. If you did not, you should contact Jen.

Information Session

Our next Information Session is Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 10:30 am. Please help pass the word about our school by telling people you know.


As winter weather is approaching, this is a good time to review Polaris Charter School’s school cancellation/delay policy.  Our school follows the Manchester School District’s weather-related decisions; if they are closed/delayed we are too.  Cancellations or delays will be announced before 6:30 a.m. on the following radio and TV stations:

WZID-FM (95.7)                          WMUR-TV Channel 9

We also typically send an email and post it on the PEF Facebook page.  On occasion, Polaris may make an independent weather-related decision, as our students come from many towns and cities in New Hampshire. In such instances, the radio and TV stations mentioned above will carry any special announcements for Polaris Charter School. Parents are encouraged to use their own discretion in commuting on days with snow or icy conditions. If you decide that travel conditions are too hazardous, whether or not school has been delayed or cancelled, your child(ren) will be given an excused absence. If Polaris is in session, weather-related absences should still be called in to the School Office and followed up with a written excuse, signed by the parent/ guardian. You can also email at attendance@polarischarterschool.org

If there is a delayed opening for the Manchester School District on a Wednesday, Polaris Charter School will be closed.

Recess will be held outdoors unless it is actively precipitating or the “Feel’s Like” temperature is below 20 degrees F. Due to our limited staff, we cannot keep children inside when they are not dressed appropriately.  We ask parents to ensure that their child comes to school dressed for the weather conditions, including appropriate coats, snow pants, boots, mittens, hats, etc. Please label all clothing with your child’s name. Children will not be permitted to play in the snow without snow pants and boots.

Cold and Flu Season

Since the leading cause of student and employee absence each year is illness, we ask parents to use discretion when deciding whether to keep their child home from school. Unnecessary absences should be avoided, however, we ask that you keep your child home until they have been
free of ALL of the following symptoms for AT LEAST twenty-four hours WITHOUT assistance of medication.

○ Vomiting
○ Diarrhea
○ Temperature above 100 degrees  F
○ Undiagnosed rash


Donation Request

We are looking for donations of tissues, disinfecting wipes, Lysol, hand sanitizer and three new 13 gallon garbage cans with covers. Please drop them off in the front office.


Toy Policy

We have seen an increase in the quantity, and size of toys coming to school from home, which have been a source of distraction and conflicts. Please do not allow your children to bring toys to school. They can bring one stuffed animal but it should be no larger than the size of a lunch box.  We appreciate your help!


Core Value – Acceptance

Throughout January, we are going to be talking about acceptance.  We read “The Cow that Went Oink” by Bernard Most. One of it’s messages was the importance of helping others, even if they are different. We also watched this wonderful video that explains autism:


It “aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations.”

Star Students

Our Star Students recognized on January 12 were: Sean, Harlee, Nicholas and Belle.



Dorado Class Share

For the Dorado Class Share, we explored what Kindness looks like in our own lives.  We made Geometric stars, and connected all of the points through glitter.  We related this to how kindness can be spread like glitter from person to person.  We then wrote what Kindness looks like daily in our lives.



Upcoming Events

Jan 15– No School Holiday

Jan 20-10:30 AM Information Session

Feb 26-March 2 February Vacation

March 14 Primary Learning Celebration

March 21 Intermediate Learning Celebration

March 23 – No School due to conferences​

Holiday Donation Update

Thank you to those of you who donated to our Holiday Donation Drive. Our donation box was overflowing! We were able to give to many patients at Dartmouth Hitchcock, Lebanon.


PEF News

The Polaris Educational Foundation wants to wish you a very new year. It is never too late to join the devoted team of parents that help build the community of Polaris.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your financial support and for your time.  We have done so many great things that are beyond the normal budget with your support! 2018 will finally bring a new, taller fence and (pending city approval) a small expansion to the playground area, the award winning North Star Dance and a school wide field day that is truly a new and remarkable Polaris tradition.  The best is truly yet to come and the future is bright!


You don’t need money or much time to help strengthen Polaris, you just need to share your story.

With little or no marketing budget, Polaris really counts on families to spread the word about the wonderful opportunity for an alternative public education available right in Manchester. Would you please take a few minutes before the January 20th open enrollment session at least five places.

We ask you to:

  • Go to your social media and share your feelings and a link to Polaris
  • Pick up a few flyers from the upstairs office already available and put them up at libraries, your child’s kindergarten, the local convenience store and office community bulletin board.
  • Go on Google and write a great review!
  • Find out what kind of grants and sponsorship opportunities are available for our small charter school through your employer.

Spread the word that Polaris is a special place.

Familiarity brings a strong attendance rate, community sponsors and support.  To be a success Polaris cannot be a secret.

Giving Tuesday

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