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Week Ending 9/15/17

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A Message From the Board of Trustees

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is Monday, September 25th at 6PM.  Please note that this is a week later than our usual third Monday of the month schedule.  Members of the public are always welcome to attend our Open Meetings.  Opportunity to comment is placed at the beginning of each agenda for the convenience of the public.

The Agenda for the September 25th meeting includes updates on school enrollment and the Annual Fund, as well as a review of the school’s Emergency Operations Plan, (a document all NH public schools are required to submit to the Department of Education.) The Board of Trustees will be electing new officers and making committee assignments for the 2017-2018 school year at this meeting.

Our Week at a Glance

At Morning Gathering this week, we began by watching a video by everyone’s favorite leader – Kid President! You can watch it here. It’s a beginning of year pep talk about being more awesome. On Tuesday, we brainstormed ways that we could be awesome this year.

We then read the book Shine by Patrick McDonnell that continued along this theme. It was about a sea star that wished she could be in the sky and shine like the other stars. She eventually comes to appreciate the beauty of her surrounding and realize that your shine comes from within.

This week we also had our first fire drill. Most classes had practiced lining up and leaving the building so everything went very smoothly.

Additional Staffing News

We are very happy to announce that we have welcomed some additional staff to the Polaris family and that all positions are filled. Christin Crowell and Mary Dahlberg have returned as Ed Assistants to continue the incredible support that they give our staff and students. Ms. Butterfield has also expanded her role beyond PE, to help in our classrooms This year, they are joined by:

Bruce Benard
Bruce Benard is a life long resident of NH. He attended the University of New Hampshire earning his bachelor’s degree in History. Bruce finds learning is a life long experience. He has substitute taught as well as been a Paraprofessional in Southern New Hampshire. His hardest goal achieved other than earning his degree is reaching the summit of Mt Washington, not by car mind you. Bruce strives to preserve artwork one day hopes to open his own gallery. Aside from working at Polaris, his mission is to keep on writing poetry after achieving a dream of reading one of his poems to Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots. Many times the underdog no matter the challenge, Bruce never gives up.

Bridget Gilroy
Bridget Gilroy is looking forward to the upcoming year as an Educational Assistant. Miss Gilroy is a graduate of Merrimack College and has years of experience working with students. She has worked at an aftercare program in an elementary school and has coached elementary aged students in basketball. With a background in Communication, Miss Gilroy is a strong interpersonal communicator who strives to lead by example through positive discussions and empathetic listening.

In her free time, Miss Gilroy enjoys traveling, spending time with family and watching hockey. Miss Gilroy hopes her warm personality and optimism will have a positive impact at Polaris.

Jacqueline Pann
Jacqueline Pann is excited to embark on a new adventure as an educational assistant at Polaris. She previously worked in education for over 10 years at a small catholic school in Manchester as a preschool assistant and after school program director. Mrs. Pann’s passion is working with children and she is looking forward to meeting the children and their families at Polaris. She has attended many classes and workshops on early childhood education. She also has an associate’s degree in criminal justice from Hesser College.

In her spare time, Mrs. Pann coaches youth basketball in Manchester and enjoy watching her boys Cody and Camren play sports especially football and basketball. When she is not coaching or watching sports she enjoys reading, scrapbooking, spending time with my family and long walks on the beach.

We are also happy to announce that we have a student intern:

Rodney Lafond
Rodney Lafond is a high school graduate considering following in his mother’s (Lea Fesh) footsteps in the education field. His interests in the past have been team-related endeavors such as the Boy Scouts, chess club, and robotics. Rodney greatly enjoys world history, paleontology, and the natural sciences. He is looking forward to working with students and helping them succeed.

You can view the staff directory here: https://polarischarterschool.org/about-polari/staff/

Pavo Class Share

Each of our classrooms is named for a constellation and every week one will share something they learned or accomplished with the school at Morning Gathering. The Pavo class, which represents a peacock, began first. They thought about words that portray their strengths which fit in nicely with our first trimester theme of “Who Am I.”  Following that, they researched synonyms of the more common words that described themselves to learn new vocabulary. Each student chose three descriptive words that depict their character to share with their classmates. The students then wrote their words on their individually decorated peacock feather. When all the feathers are placed together, an extraordinary Pavo Class Peacock tail is created showing the talented classroom community we are.

Science Fun

Mr. Bailey’s class made Oobleck this week. Oobleck is a mixture of cornstarch and water that can act like a solid or a liquid depending on how much pressure is applied. This is known as a non-newtonian fluid. If you squeeze some in your hand you can form a solid ball.  However when you release the pressure, it will flow between your fingers. Students made predictions about what would happen if they performed different tasks with it.


PEF News

The next Student Ambassador and VP board meeting will be September 21st at 6 PM. We ask students to be ready to discuss their HEART homework,   Students who have not joined yet do not have to be definite about joining and they can become a VP of a special opportunity in the school without being an Ambassador. Leadership is a learning experience! We now have Mary Lynn Roedel joining our mentorship team and will be able to soon offer in school leadership opportunities.

Enrichment sign up and the catalog is up on the PEF page! Sign up is live for most programs. If you have any questions please e-mail us at pef@polarischarterschool.org

Sign up: http://wp.me/P3P1qx-h7

Parent Partners We are still in need for one parent from each classroom to be a parent partner this year. A few of you have already taken on this mission,We need to know who you are.  if you have can you please notify pef@polarischarterschool.org . Melissa McCann will be coordinating your efforts and needs a list. Parent partners help coordinate volunteering inside the classroom, supply requests, and keep the PEF engaged with the direct classroom with a single point of contact. If you are interested please send an e-mail to offer your services to the teacher and then please notify us when you have been officially “sworn in” so we can start utilizing your help.


Giving Tuesday

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