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Week Ending 6/17/17

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For health reasons, Liz Putnam has requested a reduced on-site workload next year.  She feels very lucky to be able to do a lot of work from home, but will really miss being at the school every day.  Because of this, the Polaris Board and Staff are working on restructuring the administrative/office team.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Results

If your child took the Smarter Balanced Assessment this spring, the results went home with them in their back packs today, June 16th.

Also,   RSA 193-C:6 was recently amended to include the following statement:

The statewide assessment results of a student or the student’s school district shall not be included as part of the student’s transcript unless the student, if 18 years of age or older, or the student’s parent or legal guardian if the student is under 18 years of age, consents.

Please email Jennifer Murdock-Smith if you give your permission for these test results to be added to your child’s school record. 

Update From the Board of Trustees

The next regular Board of Trustees meeting will be held at 5pm on June 19th.  The agenda will include a discussion of the new Grievance/ Complaint Policy and recommendation for approval, a final tabulation from our NH Gives fundraising, the written report from the onsite visit by the Renewal Team, an annual wrap-up report from our Co-Directors including this year’s Survey findings and 2017 Smarter Balanced results, and plans for a Board retreat/ training session.
The Board of Trustees will also be voting on whether to formally support the  Kreiva Academy Public Charter School charter application, which would allow them to use the Polaris logo in various outreach efforts as one of their supporters. Members of the public are always welcome to attend the Board of Trustees open meetings.  Public comment is reserved for the beginning of the meeting to enable Board members to make efficient progress through the agenda.

Celebration of Advancement

We recognized our elementary school “graduates” on Friday, June 16th by presenting them with a certificate and a token to remind them of their time at Polaris.  Those students that will be starting middle school next year are: (top) Leo, Allie, Bindhi, Sofia, Crosby, Nathan, Ephrim (middle) Ayla, Mohammed, Raden, Lucas, Tyler, Madison (bottom) Lexi, Taya, Giuli, Maliha. Congratulations! Thank you Maliha for the beautiful poem that you wrote and shared as well.


Future Middle Schoolers


Twelve of the students that are attending middle school next year have attended Polaris all five years that we have been open. These students are: Allie, Bindhi, Raden, Crosby, Nathan, Ephrim, Lexi, Lucas, Madison, Ayla, Maliha and Giuli.


A few students are moving on to  finish their elementary school career in their home district, private school or in a new town they are moving to. Good luck to: Alice, Rosie, Sarah, Evan, Torrey, Cole, Ryenn and Julianna.


We are going to miss you all very much but look forward to hearing about your adventures and successes in the future!

Auction Donation

The PEF presented Polaris Charter School with a check for $5436.35 which was half of the proceeds that the Auction Gala raised. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the evening a success (and fun!).

Field Day 

With the help of donations and fundraisers, the PEF is funded our field day at Camp Carpenter this year!  There was a DJ and dancing and Sub Zero ice cream gave a presentation and made some delicious ice cream for all to try. It was a FABULOUS day! Special thanks to Ms. Butterfield and Mrs. Sherwood for all of their hard work in making the day such a success.

Vela Class Share

Students in Mrs. Fesh’s class shared two plays that they have been working on for Reader’s Theater: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Wembley Worried. Great job!

Star Students

Our last Star Students for this school year are: Haya, Lucas, Maya, Ryenn and Ryan K.  Special awards were given to Ms. Perham’s and Ms. Gilberts class. Congratulations!


Important Dates

  • Conferences are on Monday, June 19th.
  • The Back to School Celebration will be Saturday, August 26th at 3pm.  It is during this time that brief Parent/Teacher/Student conferences will occur. Sign ups will be sent out mid August.
  • Our first day of school is Tuesday September 5th
  • Our 2017-2018 school calendar is here

PEF News


Dates to Remember

Wednesday, June 20th Moe Joe’s, Candia Road Manchester-Event Fundraising Meeting. Food and Beverage on own. We plan to get most of the first event and fundraiser planned while enjoying some adult company.  

Thursday July 20th THE PEF MEETING GOES INFORMAL 7:00 PM ; location TBD. July the PEF will meet (a location is being scouted and will be announced on Facebook and e-mail) at a restaurant. We will hold a 15 minute meeting to review the last meeting notes and vote on any urgent items but for the most part we want the team that will work hard all year to really get to know new members and have a little bit of fun. This is a great place to present ideas and just meet other adults.    

Thursday, August 3- PEF Board Meeting at Polaris Charter School 7:00 PM

Thursday August 3, Student Advocates Meeting at Polaris Charter School 6:00 PM   We encourage member of the Board available early to come join us. Sometimes we get so busy planning great stuff for our kids that we forget to ask them what they want. Many students are already politically active and want to be community involved. This year, once per trimester we invite student advocates to meet with the PEF board to discuss everything about events and anything the PEF is involved in. All Polaris students are welcome to come in with questions, ideas or even a formal presentation about what they want to see. If they don’t know how they want to contribute but love doing bake sales, coordinating activities, creating flyers and decorating we encourage them to participate. We are going to take this process slowly, but hope someday to have a formal student board with at least one event and one fundraiser per year completely kid driven. Students with parents staying for the PEF meeting are asked to bring a book or quiet game and not be disruptive to the PEF meeting. They may quietly observe the meeting if they choose.

August 26th 3-6  PM – The Bigger Better Back to School Event—SAVE THE DATE! We are working on some really cool stuff to make this year’s back to school event better than ever and more engaging for students and more enjoyable for parents. We are looking for student ambassadors and extended family members willing to give us a little time to help us. We will be hosting a book swap as part of this event for all age reading including adults.  

Back to School Parent Coffee- If you can take a little time the first day of school the first AM of the school year we will have a parent coffee (location to be determined) to share the stress and excitement of the new school year.  

Thanks and Goodbye!

Sadly, when we say goodbye to our graduating students this year moving on to new schools we are also saying goodbye to a most wonderful group of PEF parents any school group could possibly dream of. Many of these parents leaving this year were here from day one and really shaped what the PEF is today and what we are doing now would not be possible without their contributions. This is not just a school your kids have moved on from, this is truly part of your legacy.

Unfortunately, even those of you who are PEF founders must say goodbye to the PEF Facebook page. If you are not a parent or legal guardian of an enrolled Polaris student we must say goodbye. This is a policy you yourselves created.  We must ask you to move yourself out of the parent group and into the Friends of Polaris Group. Please say your goodbyes and excuse yourself from the group by June 25th.  Self-removal makes the process a lot easier for our admins.

Parent Survey Results and Response

We had about 50% of our family members respond to our survey and poll. We will keep the survey open for another week and we will continue to pay special attention to your comments.  We will send out a one page e-mail summary about what you want and what we are doing. We will have an Executive Summary with more detail available by the Back to School Event for those who want more detail. Our quarterly financials will be presented in the August meeting.


Bulletin Board Wizard Wanted   In search of folks (Late July  to late August)  to come in this summer and work on one bulletin board for the incoming school year or all of them!  We would be delighted if whoever takes on this roll do it a few times during this year, but we are happy to just get through the first set!

All you have to do is show up 50% of the time!  In search of a Member at Large to attend the PEF Meetings and be a voting board member (needed for quorum). Meetings this year will be at 7 PM on the first Thursday of the month. We don’t expect you to be there every time but as many meetings as you can attend. Several important votes were delayed this year. We understand if you cannot make it to every meeting but if you think you can commit to at least 50% of them please consider joining the board.

The Event Coordinator Position-The most fun position on the board is still vacant. Three former planners have moved up on the board to new positions and are more than happy to help you. In addition to an active committee of help, we also hope to have some students working on some take on a few tasks. The existing events have been very popular so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We welcome co-chairs.  

The After School Enrichment Conundrum- Without getting caught up in payroll issues, huge insurance increases and other problems, the PEF has two options   1) parent volunteers 2) outside vendors that carry the required insurance and are willing to be fingerprinted. We have exhausted all the other options that we can think of.  At this point our only option is to offer after school enrichments at the cost our vendors dictate. If you can volunteer to run a club or have other resources to offer us and explore we are happy to do so. Each club will require at least two parents who are fingerprinted. Anyone outside the school running the event without a parent chaperone must carry insurance.. For liability reasons, parents who run a club cannot bring other children not enrolled in the school with them. We are only as strong as the community we have to support us and at the moment this program could use a Fairy Godmother. We will continue to provide opportunities and ask vendors for better pricing.

Giving Tuesday

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