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Week Ending 6/9/17

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Annual Parent Survey

A link to this year’s parent satisfaction survey was emailed on, June 2nd. You can also access it here. Your feedback is very important to us so please take a few minutes to complete it. If you have more than one child at Polaris, please complete a survey for each of them. We need to receive your completed survey by Tuesday, June 13th so there is time to compile the results and share it with staff.  Thank you!

Update From the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees extends warm, heartfelt thanks to all the parents and friends of Polaris who contributed to our 24-hour fundraising effort through NH Gives.  With your help, and the speed of social media, the passionate community of Polaris raised $1,750. in 24 hours!!  This additional funding is much appreciated and will be used to purchase educational materials for our classrooms.

In the Fall of 2017, we will be starting our first ever capital campaign, to ensure that Polaris Charter School is sustained far into the future.  To do this, we will need new support from local businesses, as well as educational grants, and direct donations.  If you would like to assist with this effort, and/or have some development suggestions to share with us, please contact Sharon Klardie, who will be heading up the Fundraising Committee for the Board of Trustees.
The Board of Trustees will be meeting at 5pm on June 12th, in a non-public session to discuss a personnel issue.
The next regular Board of Trustees meeting will be held at 5pm on June 19th.  The agenda will include a discussion of the new Grievance/ Complaint Policy and recommendation for approval,  a final tabulation from our NH Gives fundraising, the written report from the onsite visit by the Renewal Team, an annual wrap-up report from our Co-Directors including this year’s Survey findings and 2017 Smarter Balanced results, and plans for a Board retreat/ training session. Members of the public are always welcome to attend the Board of Trustees open meetings.  Public comment is reserved for the beginning of the meeting to enable Board members to make efficient progress through the agenda.

Learning Celebrations 

We showcased our third Trimester at our Learning Celebrations this week. Our theme was “Who Counts.” The primary classrooms took that in the more literal direction, focusing on how math plays a role in everyday life.

Intermediate classes too our Who Counts theme in a different direction, focusing on the fact that all people count and investigating culture as well as ways to pay it forward and look out for each other. They also researched landforms.


Field Day 

With the help of donations and fundraisers, the PEF is funding our field day at Camp Carpenter this year!  This amazing camp is in Manchester NH.  There will be a DJ and Sub Zero will demonstrate and make some delicious ice cream for all to try.  Don’t worry if your child is dairy free because they also offer dairy free options.

So please have your child bring water and wear bug spray and sunscreen. Please let them know to be prepared because they may even get a little wet from water activities.

Dorado Class Share

Students in Mrs. Dudley’s class shared their projects that were on display during the Learning Celebration. They each picked a special place or room and illustrated how shapes such as cubes, cones, prisms, etc are found in everyday life:

Star Students

We are reviewing all of Core Values during June. Those students recognized for their character last week are: Ayla, Cole, Drew, Jonas, Khoi, Lexi, Maddie and Teagan. Great job!



Important Dates

  • Field Day June 14th
  • Our last day is now Friday, June 16th.
  • Conferences are on Wednesday June 14th beginning at 1:30 and on Monday, June 19th.

PEF News

PEF End of the Year Survey & Opinion Poll-

The PEF Board is a group of hardworking parents just like yourselves. We want you to see the value in your donations and volunteer time.  With just a small sampling of parents contributing to the survey so far we are already getting some great reassurance about what we have done right and are steering a little bit in new directions based on feedback we have gotten so far! Please take a few minutes to share your opinions on how we did and where we should go from here. All answers can be left blank if they do not apply and you do not have to share your name.


Pizza Ordering– The last day for pizza was today, June 9th.  There will be NO Pizza the following Friday on June 16th.   Thank you to Camila Miranda, Jonae Jones and Tracy Gallagher for coming to school and serving pizza to all our children all year and to Van Pham for picking up the pizza orders each week, figuring them out for each class and placing the orders.  The PEF is EXTREMELY grateful for each of you and the role you have played.  Those children who order pizza on Fridays look forward to it each week and because of each of you, they were able to have it.  Thank you. 

PEF New Board–  Welcome to the new board for the PEF 2017-2018

2017-2018 Board Members Elected

Miles Martin and Jayme Putnam – Co President

Jenna Paquette -Vice President

Sue Swanson -Treasurer

Sharon Klardie and Daniella De Los Reyes – Co Secretary

Melanie Currier- Auction Chair

Melissa McCann –Volunteer Chair

Jessica Perkins –Fundraising Chair

Elizabeth Valez- Enrichment Chair

YOUR NAME HERE member at large

YOUR NAME HERE member at large


Back to School Celebration and Beyond- Thus far our PEF surveys indicate opportunity to make the Back to School Celebration even better. Please take the time to let us know what new exciting things we can add to this day. The budget has increased, but we still need lots of help. We highly encourage grandparents and students (past and present) to participate in shaping this event. There is a lot for parents to do at this event and extra family members and our awesome students really can make a difference. We absolutely welcome our students to create their own game stations and activities, spear head a bake sale, volunteer as Ambassadors to greet the incoming new students or just share ideas. pef@polarischarterschool.org  (or share a thought with the Facebook Community if you feel comfortable doing so)


Special Thanks Volunteer Appreciation Night

Thanks you Jennifer Murdoch Smith and Nancy Sherwood for hosting Volunteer Appreciation and everyone who contributed to Volunteer Appreciation Night. The food was very tasty and everyone appreciated having a bite while planning the 2017-2018 year

Special Thank you

 All positions in the PEF are critical, but the President role is indeed the most challenging. Melanie Currier has taken a great organization and truly made it better in so many ways. Melanie has worked hard to improve communications between the school and the PEF, initiated the In School Enrichment initiative and took careful thought and consideration to all matters great and small. Please take the time to give her a high five the next time you see her! It will take two people to replace her.

Colleen Vignale and Melanie Currier spent countless hours behind the scenes taking an accounting system that was already pretty impressive to a whole new level to help us be more accountable and be more proactive in budgeting for the future.

Giving Tuesday

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