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Week Ending 3/10/17

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From the Board

The Board has scheduled a Special Meeting for Monday, April 3rd at 5pm. As the meeting will focus on the particulars of our lease renewal terms, most of the session will be held in non-public. Members of the public are still welcome to attend, but will not be able to participate in the closed portion of the meeting. 

At the March Board of Trustees, two new “Ad hoc” (temporary) committees were established. As most of the work involved in both committees will be done online, (and reported in person for discussion at public Board meetings,) interested members of the public should contact the Board of Trustees serving on each committee for further information. 

One such committee will be assisting our Co-Directors with some of the Charter Renewal paperwork.  Anyone having questions, comments, or suggestions about the work of this committee should contact Jill Cane or Susan Hartford, the two BoT members. 

The second “Ad hoc” committee is one reviewing current job descriptions and contracts for staff, teachers and administrators prior to our annual budget review. Again, anyone having questions, comments, or suggestions, should contact BoT members Jill Cane, Ali Nakip, or Elizabeth Velez. 

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Monday, April 17th, at 6pm. at that time, we’ll be starting our discussions of the budget for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Also, the Board of Trustees is planning the next Open Forum on Education and Curriculum at Polaris Charter School, April 5th  at 7:00 PM. Staff will present some of the initiatives that have been undertaken in response to YOUR feedback. Parents will also have a chance to ask questions about the Polaris curriculum and give input regarding communication and support for learning outside of school. We hope to see you there!

School Calendar Changes

Due to the number of snow days we have had thus far, we will need to add hours to our school year. Originally, our last day was scheduled for Tuesday, June 13th. Our last day is now Friday, June 16th. We will still have conferences on Wednesday June 14th beginning at 1:30 and then on Monday, June 19th. In addition, we will have a FULL day of school on Wednesday, May 24th. Hopefully we will not have any more severe winter weather!

Learning Celebrations

We had two amazing Learning Celebrations that demonstrated the incredible work that students have done while studying Physical Science. Pictures speak a thousand words:

Star Students

Congratulations to our very responsible students! Great job: Alice, Jolie, Jonas, Julian, Maryam, Nathan, Tricia and Yousif.

Box Tops

Please save your Box Tops! The check for our school’s earnings for the last submission period (March 2, 2016 – November 1, 2016) was $502.40. This is an amazing fundraiser where EVERYONE in our school community can make a difference. 

Exciting Opportunity


My name is Jenn Dowding and I’m an associate casting producer for a television production company in Los Angeles.  We’re putting together a new game show for NBC featuring super-smart kids, age 8-13.

The categories of questions will fall into three categories: mental math, spelling, and memorization. They will be competing to win money towards a college fund.

I wanted to reach out to see if you might work with any kids in the age range who might be interested.  Please feel free to share my contact info with parents of interested children.  I also attached a digital flyer if you’re willing to share it with parents and other educators in your network. Anyone who is interested in applying may visit geniusjrcasting.com.

Thanks so much! 

PEF News

All parents are invited to our next PEF Meeting on Monday, April 3rd at 7pm at the school.  Every parent, guardian, teacher, administrator and Polaris Board of Trustee are members of the Polaris Educational Foundation. We encourage all Polaris community members to attend these meetings. We have very full agenda with many items to vote upon and would like to hear your voice.  Please attend if you are able.

ART of Drama Enrichment Class.  A new four-week art session begins on Tuesday, April 11th!  Does your student have a flair for the dramatic? Do they imagine being another creature, frolicking to places only in their minds? Help them bring their imagination to life with this four-week study.  We will begin with a character sketch the same way fashion and character designers do.  During week two we will build the body of the costume.  The third week we will focus on the head and in the final week we will use make-up!  Supplies are provided, but limited.  If you have fabric and yarn scraps we could use, please bring them to the first class.  It will give the students more variety.  $68/student (Min 10 Students)  To sign up, please use this link: The Art of Drama Sign up

Fundraising Committee Meeting– The Fundraising Committee will be meeting at Panera in Bedford at 6:30pm on March 27th to plan out the remaining fundraising events for the year.  Events include the very popular Read-a-thon, possibly a community yard sale, penny drives and more.  All are welcome.

North Star Dance Committee– If you are interested in helping to plan the upcoming North Star Dance on April the 8th, please contact pef@polarischarterschool.org.   The Theme this year is Candyland.  There will be face painting, balloon animals, a DJ, professional photography, and an array of fun games to play.
And of course the fabulous decorations and food.  We aren’t sure who is going to have more fun…the children or the adults!

Pizza Ordering– Please use the order forms.   If for some reason you are not able to use the form, it is very important that you include your child’s NAME, CLASS, and # of pizza slices and if the pizza is Gluten Free (GF) with the money that you turn in.  Otherwise, your order may not be placed correctly and your child is likely to be disappointed. Thank you!

Box Tops- We will be having a Box Top for Education campaign for Polaris throughout the end of the school year.  Please be saving your Box Tops.  Stay tuned for more information on sending them in.  Thank you.

Below, you can find some important dates for your School Calendar:

  • Next PEF MeetingApril 3rd -7pm at Polaris
  • Fundraising Committee Meeting March 27th
  • North Star Dance: April 8th 5pm


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