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Week Ending 1/27/17

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From the Board of Trustees

Your Board of Trustees is planning the next Open Forum related to our Strategic Plan.  The topic will be “Education and Curriculum,” which we hope will stimulate lots of interest and fruitful discussion by a broad range of participants.  In the Strategic Plan, both academic rigor and student behavior were addressed as goals under this heading.  Please note that the discussion will focus on school-wide progress toward reaching the academic goals set forth in the Strategic Plan. Due to time constraints, and our desire to have an in-depth discussion, we will focus on behavior, including our students’ social and emotional development at a later point this year. The staff is well aware of these goals and has been working on specific improvement tasks throughout the summer and fall of 2016.  Now, it is time to bring the rest of the Polaris community into the discussion of our goals for “Education and Curriculum.” Save the date and time so you can participate!

Open Forum on “Education and Curriculum” at Polaris Charter School
February 15th, 7 PM

Core Value – Acceptance/Diversity

January’s Core Value focuses on Acceptance and celebrating our diversity. Last week, we watched a video by Kid President that talked about Martin Luther King Jr., his life and the difference he made. You can view it here. Follow-up discussion occurred.

This week, we watched a wonderful news story about a middle school football team who, unbeknownst to the coaches, conspired to give a teammate with special needs a chance to score a touchdown. You can view it here. We continued to process this the next day. What really struck students was how much this changed their viewpoint from thinking mostly about themselves to thinking about some else and how good that felt.

Star Students

We have two weeks of Star Students to celebrate for their their character! Great job: Bria, Cole, Logan, Mikail, Molly, River, Spencer and Yousif.


And also: Deepthi, Josie, Mark (not pictured), Max, Raden, Tania and Xander.


Hydra Class Share

Miss Haynes’ class had a lot of discussions about Martin Luther King Jr. and the dream he had to make the world a better place. They watched a video of his “I have a dream” speech and listened to an a capella song that was written about Martin Luther King and his movement. Each student then came up with their own dream to make the world a better place. Some examples include “I have a dream for world peace,” “I have a dream in which terrorism doesn’t exist,” and “I have a dream to find a cure to Lyme disease.” They then each colored in a person on a paper doll chain to represent either themselves or a metaphoric illustration to represent the world or their dream. Special thanks to Ayla for leading the presentation!


Perseus Class Share

This week our class has been talking about being an “upstander” for each other.  An upstander is someone who is a leader.  They do not bring other people down but rather build them up.  We want to encourage all students at Polaris to find ways to become an upstander.  


Mr. Drake

Mr. Jesse Drake in our new Educational Assistant that has joined the Polaris team. He will assisting in Mrs. Fesh’s classroom but will have duties that bring him into contact with all students. He has a B.A. from Plymouth State University. Welcome Mr. Drake!

PEF News

All parents are invited to our next PEF Meeting on Monday, Feb 6th at 7pm at the school.  Every parent, guardian, teacher, administrator and Polaris Board of Trustee are members of the Polaris Educational Foundation. We encourage all Polaris community members to attend these meetings.

Pizza Ordering– Next week starts a new month.  Please use the order forms and be sure to turn your monthy/yearly/weekly order forms in no later than WED, Feb 4th . If for some reason you are not able to use the form, it is very important that you include your child’s NAME, CLASS, and # of pizza slices and if the pizza is Gluten Free (GF) with the money that you turn in.  Otherwise, your order may not be placed correctly and your child is likely to be disappointed. Thank you! You can find a link to the monthly order form here.

Enrichment-  We will have an a Winter Brochure available for parents very early next week.  Be on the lookout!!

5th Annual Polaris Charter School Auction Gala: Reach for the Stars

What: An evening of dinner, music, dancing and a silent auction.

When: March 11, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Where: The Executive Court Banquet Hall. 1199 Mammoth Rd, Manchester, NH

Why: All proceeds will be used for Polaris teachers to transform ordinary classroom experiences into extraordinary.

Who: The Polaris Community, friends and family

How: We need EVERYONE’S help to make this event happen. We need volunteers, item donations, cash donations and the support of the entire community.

Here is what we need:

  • We are asking each student to bring in a minimum of $10 to help fund the auction or donate an item from our auction wish list found here: http://a.co/hlcUttg.
  • Consider making a donation to the auction.
  • Think about who you know in the community who may be willing to donate items to the auction.
  • Volunteers! Watch for sign-ups coming out soon.
  • Come to the auction, bring your friends and family.

The Annual Auction Gala is our largest fundraiser of the year. As this event has grown, we have been able to greatly reduce the number of fundraisers we hold each year. Help us continue to make this event as successful as possible.

Questions? Email PEFauction@polarischarterschool.org



Below, you can find some important dates for your School Calendar:

  • Next PEF Meeting– Feb 6th -7pm at Polaris
  • Polaris Auction!!! – March 11th




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