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Week Ending 1/13/17

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If you have not already done so and intend to please re-enroll your child(ren) for the 2017 – 2018 academic year. The deadline for re-enrolling your current Polaris student is Friday, January 27th, 2017. This is also when you can add a sibling. If you are enrolling a new child, you MUST download and complete the paper application that you will find at the end of the online process. The deadline for the paper application for a sibling is February 24th. 

If your child will be attending a different school next year, please email me to let me know where they will be attending (if you know). We have to have this information for our year end reporting.

If you have any questions please contact Liz or Jen.  Thank you!

From the Board of Trustees

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Tuesday, January 17th at 6 pm.  The public is always welcome to attend; time for public comments is reserved immediately following the reading of our Mission Statement, at the start of every Board meeting.  If anyone wishes to make more than a brief comment, and/or ask the Board to address a specific topic on the agenda, please contact the Board Chair, Dr. Jill Cane at j.cane@polarischarterschool.org. The Agenda has been posted in the entrance to the school.

Curbside Pick Up

There are often several parked cars on Coolidge Avenue during pick up. Please remember to use your hazard lights so that drivers behind you know that you are not parked and do not mistakenly go around you.

Also, please do your best to stay behind the parked cars until space becomes available where the kids are loaded. Lately a line of cars has been double parking besides the parked vehicles, blocking traffic and creating a potentially dangerous situation, particularly on Wednesdays.

Core Value – Acceptance

At morning gathering we talked about what makes them feel accepted. Some responses were when people let them play at recess or sit with them at lunch. Students were also challenged to watch for others showing acceptance. We watched a reading of the book “Its Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr.” You can view it here. On Thursday, we asked students to share their observations of ways they had seen acceptance occur. It is always so wonderful to have these discussions!

Star Students

Students who went the extra mile to show Acceptance were honored on Monday. Great job Aiden, Dominik, Eva, Johnny, Julieanna, Kenneth, Maryam, Sarah and Taya.



Second Trimester

Our focus this trimester is on physical science and all classes are in the process of project planning. Here is an update on what will be happening in Music and STEM:

Primary students will be reviewing some symbols such as notes and rhythm as well as working on playing drums, percussion and the xylophone so they can apply what we are looking at in a hands on way.

Intermediate students are reviewing symbols including Staffs, Time Signatures, Dynamics as well as the foundations of reading music. We will be applying the these concepts in a hands on project where they will be learning a song on the Ukulele.

We are focusing on physical science as well as problem solving. We have started learning about the scientific method to help organize information and there will be a writing element. These will be applied to some small experiments including but not limited to Morse Code, The Food Chain, Water (and what makes things float and sink)  as well as Cells and the basics of Plants.

Pegasus Class Share


Ms. Gilbert’s students celebrated their differences by writing and reading some of their special family traditions. For example, some wear special clothing for celebrations.




  • We will be closed January 16th in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • This year’s Information Sessions for new families will be:

Sunday, Jan 22nd at 1pm
Saturday, February 11th at 10am

   If you know of anyone who might be interested in Polaris, please pass the word!

  • Open Forum on “Education and Curriculum” at Polaris Charter School:
    February 15th, 7 PM

PEF News

All parents are invited to our next PEF Meeting on Monday, Feb 6th at 7pm at the school.  Every parent, guardian, teacher, administrator and Polaris Board of Trustee are members of the Polaris Educational Foundation. We encourage all Polaris community members to attend these meetings.

Polaris Game Day– The PEF is excited to announce a Game Day! This fun event will be held on January 14, 2017 at 10am.

Enjoy family game time and try out fabulous new games created for many different ages. Please join us for this special day of play and breakfast treats. Gamewright Games has some fabulous games like Sleeping Queens, Forbidden Island, Rat-a-Tat-Cat and Slamwich. Dozens of games for all ages will be provided to try.

You have the opportunity to buy the games you like or donate them to your child’s class for indoor recess. The Polaris Educational Foundation will receive a small contribution for your purchases. All games are reasonably priced and a great way to spend some holiday money but PURCHASE IS NOT REQUIRED. There are no vendors on hand or sales pitches involved. As always, this event is free.

Feel free to bring anyone who you consider family. Parents must stay for this event and are required to supervise their own child.

Coffee and light breakfast bites will be provided. If you have concerns about allergies or other health concerns you are more than welcome to bring your own morning snacks for your family or to share.

After School Enrichments

Due to some insurance requirements we have a slight delay in the scheduling afterschool enrichments for on-site Enrichments.  We will be posting the schedule for the Winter and Spring on-site Enrichments as soon as we can.

As of now, it does not appear like we have enough parents able to belay to run the program on Wednesday afternoons for the Off-site  Vertical Dream program.. (If you are able and haven’t already let us know, please do so!!)

We could still run a climbing program on Friday afternoons (approximately 3:15-5:15 with trained belayers) and have two choices:

A 6 week program for $150
A 12 week program for $230.

Parents would be responsible for arranging transport to Vertical Dreams (the climbing gym) but would not need to stay on site during the climbing session.

Please email us at pefenrichment@gmail.com to express your interest and preference. Thank you!

5th Annual Polaris Charter School Auction Gala: Reach for the Stars

What: An evening of dinner, music, dancing and a silent auction.

When: March 11, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Where: The Executive Court Banquet Hall. 1199 Mammoth Rd, Manchester, NH

Why: All proceeds will be used for Polaris teachers to transform ordinary classroom experiences into extraordinary.

Who: The Polaris Community, friends and family

How: We need EVERYONE’S help to make this event happen. We need volunteers, item donations, cash donations and the support of the entire community.

Here is what we need:

  • We are asking each student to bring in a minimum of $10 to help fund the auction or donate an item from our auction wish list found here: http://a.co/hlcUttg.
  • Consider making a donation to the auction.
  • Think about who you know in the community who may be willing to donate items to the auction.
  • Volunteers! Watch for sign-ups coming out soon.
  • Come to the auction, bring your friends and family.

The Annual Auction Gala is our largest fundraiser of the year. As this event has grown, we have been able to greatly reduce the number of fundraisers we hold each year. Help us continue to make this event as successful as possible.

Questions? Email PEFauction@polarischarterschool.org

Pizza Ordering– Please use the order forms.   If for some reason you are not able to use the form, it is very important that you include your child’s NAME, CLASS, and # of pizza slices and if the pizza is Gluten Free (GF) with the money that you turn in.  Otherwise, your order may not be placed correctly and your child is likely to be disappointed. Thank you!


Below, you can find some important dates for your School Calendar:

  • Next PEF Meeting– Feb 6th -7pm at Polaris
  • Game Day January 14th at 10am
  • Polaris Auction!!! – March 11th


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