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Week Ending 10/14/16

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Core Value – Respect

“Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.”
– R.G. Risch

This week we read different scenarios and then discussed how we could handle them with respect. Some of the students’ suggestions were:

1. Someone on the school bus is saying unkind words to another student. What
should you do?
  • Ask the person saying mean things to stop
  • Tell the bus driver
2. One of your classmates shares a story you have already heard many times before.
How should you react?
  • If it is just the two of you, tell them kindly that you remember them telling it before. If you are in a group, take them aside and talk to the privately
3. The park is closed for construction and the sign says “Keep Out!” Your friends want to play
anyway. What should you do?
  • Stay out
  • If your friends go in anyway, tell an adult since it might be unsafe
4. Your teacher brings in a very special souvenir from her vacation. She allows it to be passed
around the classroom. How should you handle the special item?
  • Be very careful
  • Do not grab for it

STAR Students

Our STAR students this week were: Deepthi, Lilly, Nadia, Maru, Tyler, Leo and Katie. Congratulation for showing such Respect!



This week in STEM we went over Punkin Chunkin and how it demonstrates multiple physics principles. In the spirit of Punkin Chunkin we are going to be building catapults in all the classes. Depending on the age of the group we will build accordingly. Some students said they would like to work alone and other wanted to work in groups.

I am using the input from the classroom teachers to make sure that students are challenged by the build. This build will let the student bring together what they have learned so far in both their regular class and in STEM.

Students will be able to experiment with how variations in the build effect both the stability of the catapults, range, and accuracy.

The catapult project will be a two week project. The first week will be the build phase and testing. In the second week we will test the catapults for both range and accuracy. We will collect data and based on ability classes will review this data with graphs.

A key concept that I have been stressing is consistent input should result in a consistent output. Ideally scientist try to limit the variables in an experiment so they can determine what is really happening. Our hope is that the students will see this in action and have fun in the process.

At the end of the second week students will have the opportunity to bring their catapults home.

The basic build consists of using chopsticks, plastic spoons, and rubber bands.

Each mini catapult is made up of 6 chopsticks to make up the frame held together with rubber bands at each corner. The spoon is attached to another chopstick to make the launching surface and arm. Then the arm is attached to the frame with a band and another band is used to produce the power to launch.

I picked chopsticks due to their size but, the frame could be made of other items like pencils.

Planned ammo will be mini marshmallows. I already have safety glasses to make sure that eye protection is observed as safety has been stressed since our first class. There are a few kids that say that the glasses are small, but I have had them for an entire class session without issue.

There were some students upstairs that wanted to work in groups. These groups would be able to work on larger catapults will be constructed with components proportional to the number of students.

I am looking for donations of:

Rubber bands in various sizes including some large
Sturdy plastic spoons
Masking tape
As always soda cans, large cardboard boxes, tube rolls, and newspaper are still on the wish list.
If you need something to do this weekend there is a local chunk event .

Important Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Oct 26th: Book Character Dress Up Day. NOTE – We do not celebrate Halloween. We celebrate by representing our favorite books! 

Friday, November 11th – No School

Wednesday, Dec 7th:  6-7pm  Primary Learning Celebration

*Thursday, Dec 8th: 6-7pm Intermediate Learning Celebration. Note that this is a change we have made to our school calendar. 

Sculptor Class Share

Student’s in Mrs. Rainey’s class worked on Respect poems in class this week. Several students shared their’s at Morning Gathering on Friday. Ask you student to share theirs with you!


Book Buddies

Book Buddies has begun! Mrs. Fesh and Mrs. Rainey’s class started book buddies this week. Students completed an activity where they learned more about their buddy. They worked on a Venn diagram that showed their similarities and differences. 


PEF News

School photo proofs by Hayward Photography went home this week.  Orders placed by October 24, 2016 will receive free shipping and be sent to the school.  Please contact your child’s teacher if  you did not receive your child’s proof’s. 

There is still space available in some of our enrichments.

Pokémon Club: (Starts 10/31) Students who sign up will be given a deck as part of sign up their sign up costs.  (Parents: please note Pokemon Club will not be allowing the trading of cards in this session. It may be considered in future sessions if participants do well with following the rules of the game.)

The Sustainable Artist: Making Art from Trash (Starts 11/21): This class needs more participants in order to run. Registration will not be closed at this time in order to allow more students to sign up.

Please contact The Enrichment Team at pefenrichment@gmail.com for questions or to enroll!

Below, you can find some important dates for your School Calendar:

  • PEF Meeting– November 10th 7pm at Polaris
  • Autumn Potluck– November 5th @ 3pm at Polaris. A wonderful shared meal Polaris Families
  • Polaris Auction!!! – March 11th


Giving Tuesday

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