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Week Ending 9/09/16

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Welcome Back!

Our school year has gotten off to a great start!  We spent the first few days of school helping students get to know one another and become comfortable with various classroom routines. We have also outlined expectations for the appropriate way to line up for class, walk in the hallways, stand for the pledge, etc. and the staff has modeled these so students can see how it is done. Ask your child if they know how to S.H.I.N.E. (these are are rules for meeting times).

During the next week we will be working on establishing classroom rules and then moving on to school-wide rules that students will be involved in setting.

This year, we started a new procedure for our morning drop off period. Instead of students all going immediately down to the Gathering Room, where it could get VERY loud, they go to the classroom and their teacher brings them down around 8:20. Each classroom has a designated location to sit so that we are in a circle for our Morning Gathering. Everyone agrees that it has been a much better way to start our school day. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to have their children here by 8:20.



New Staff

Christin Crowell

Christin Crowell

Christin Crowell is very excited to start her journey as a primary education assistant at Polaris! Miss Crowell recently graduated with a degree in Childhood Studies at Plymouth State University and is pleased to be working with multi-aged students, and see how creative and motivated they are when it comes to trying something new, and helping one another when needed. Miss Crowell has been working at Camp Carpenter a Cub scout camp for the past 4 years summers as the Handicraft Director and more this coming summer she will be the Program Director. 

Miss Crowell feels that summer programs bring out a different side of students,inspires students imaginations, creates the excitement of the outdoors and more. She also is one of the Site Director for are after school YMCA Program here at Polaris. 

Robert Daniel

Robert Daniel

Robert Daniel is the education assistant to Ms. Perham and Mrs. Rainey and fully credentialed in New Hampshire.  Mr. Daniel started working at Polaris in Fall, 2016.  He has had a variety of teaching experiences since starting a teaching career in 2002, including tutoring about two hundred special needs elementary students while in graduate school, teaching high school social studies in the classroom and even three years as a community college instructor. Mr. Daniel has a Master of Arts in History from the University of Toronto, M.A. in political science with an education policy focus from Boston University and Master of Education degree from Western Governors University.  He is a certified level 3 archery coach.  Mr. Daniel also became a certified Montessori guide in Summer 2016.  His vision for education is to help each child to find their personal strengths and develop self-esteem.  He believes that education must be tailored to the individual based on their observed mental and physical needs, with no artificial restrictions.  He is remembered by his past students for making math fun with great games and by many for helping them to believe in themselves.

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-3-36-24-pmPreston Moulton is new to the Polaris staff as the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) instructor. Mr. Moulton has a large repertoire of experience to draw upon including: video editing, audio engineering, heavy equipment operator, firefighter, critical care EMT, and inventory specialist at a warehouse focusing on jewelry distribution for more than 30 online partners.

Mr. Moulton has been programming for more than 15 years. Over this time he has worked with C++, Java, Javascript, HTML5, PHP, Visual Basic, Python, Omnis Studio, Filemaker, BASIC Stamp, Spin, Assembly, Postgres SQL, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and the Amazon Web Service platform. These tools have been used to develop software for inventory management, order fulfillment, FedEx Ship Manager Integration, and various other industrial applications.

For fun,Mr. Moulton likes to spend time with his wife and two sons playing games and enjoying the outdoors. When there is idle time, he enjoys tinkering with home automation using various sensors, motors, actuators, and other components controlled by either a device from the Arduino family or a Raspberry Pi.

Mr. Moulton is a strong supporter of project based learning because it allows kids to thrive in areas where they do well while providing support in the areas where they may need help. He has experience with working with kids in the volunteer setting as he has traveled the world with teams of teens and preteens on short-term mission trips many times. He desires to help all so they are able to reach their potential as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison did.

Martha Pepek

Martha Pepek

Martha Pepek is excited to be joining the Polaris Community as an Educational Assistant. With a BA in English from UNH, she has worked in many fields including journalism, law and advertising. In 2005, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for teaching and subsequently worked as a substitute teacher in the Manchester School District as well as a paraprofessional at Jewett Street Elementary and co-director of the school’s drama club all while studying to get certified to teach English, grades 6-12. As happens in life, she welcomed her only child in 2008 and she and her husband decided she would stay home while working part time. After volunteering at Polaris for two year and as her son finished second grade, she decided to dip her toes in the educational pool once again and it thrilled to be back. When not teaching or homemaking, Mrs. Pepek loves to sing a cappella, read vociferously, travel to exotic locales and follow her niece JoJo’s rocketing music career on social media.


Drop Off/Pick Up

When there are cars parked along the curb on Coolidge Ave., please do not line up beside them. It is causing some safety concerns. Wait behind them on Cartier St. or Coolidge Ave. and go around as car line moves.

Water Testing

Polaris Charter School joined in a proactive collaboration with our city partners to test the safety of the water in our building.  Manchester Water Works spent the summer voluntarily testing the city’s 22 schools, including Polaris, for lead contamination.  Polaris was notified that our drinking water is safe.  It fell well below the EPA action level of 0.015 mg/L (ppm).   Please contact Liz Putnam if you have any questions.



Upcoming Events

  • Although Manchester School District is closed on Tuesday September 13th, Polaris has school that day
  • Picture day is September 21st

PEF News

Welcome New and Returning Families! We are excited to see each and every one of you!  Please see below for important dates.

  • Ice Cream Social: September 14th 5:30 – 7pm at Derryfield Park. (note: this is a new location) Staff, Parents and Students are invited out to enjoy some ice cream and take some time to get to know one another.
  • BPSA Scout Information Night: September 14th – 7:00pm at Polaris- Information night for those interested in learning more about traditional scouting (co-ed). (Information mainly for parents this night but children are welcome.)
  • Picture Day– September 21st
  • PEF Meeting– October 3rd 7pm at Polaris
  • Movie Night – October 7th @ 6pm at Polaris.  Join us for a family-friendly movie and popcorn!
  • Autumn Potluck– November 5th @ 3pm at Polaris. A wonderful shared meal Polaris Families
  • Enrichment Sign ups-Friday September 9th at 7pm to September 10th 7pm (24hours to sign up) (check your email for the enrichment brochure with the links to sign up)

Giving Tuesday

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