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Week Ending 6/15/16

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Have a Wonderful Summer!

We hope that everyone has a wonderful summer.  Our Back-To-School-Celebration will be on Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 3pm-6pm. It is during this time that brief Parent/Teacher/Student conferences will occur. Sign ups will be sent out mid August.

If you are interested in Aftercare for next school year, please contact the YMCA. Be sure to tell them it is for the Polaris location.

Nicole Burke
School Age Child Care Director

30 Mechanic Street, Manchester, NH  03101
P 603.232.8670  F 603.623.5934
E nburke@graniteymca.org    W www.graniteymca.org


Learning Celebration

We capped off our third trimester theme of Ecosystems and the Natural World by exploring biomes. A biome is a geographical area that consists of distinctive plants and animals living together that have adapted to a particular environment. Each of our classrooms transformed into a biome and we had the opportunity to explore ecosystems in the rainforest, ocean, arctic, savanna, fresh water, alpine and wetlands.

IMG_8199 IMG_8221


Gallery Walk

The day after the Learning Celebration, students visited all other classrooms so they could view projects and ask questions. It was wonderful to see everyone’s pride and excitement during this time.


Good Luck!

On June 15th, we celebrated our students that were moving on from Polaris. A total of 21 students were recognized. Congratulations to our elementary school “graduates.” We are going to miss them very much! We hope that they will come back to visit and keep in touch.



Star Students

Our Star Students this week were received certificates for various Core Values. Great job: Andrew, Colten, Evan B., Evan V., Jonny, Joon, Manny, Maya and Serena!



Over this past trimester in music class we took on the daunting task of not only performing a shakespeare scene but applying modern music to it as well. The Intermediate classes seemed worried at first though very open minded. As they learned about the plots and characters, they seemed to find how relatable these themes still were. Each class was able to pick a Shakespeare play to perform for the school.  They were also given the option to learn a monologue from their show as well. Each class excelled in a performance that was not only in a very hard language but also with some obscure theatrical concepts as well as connecting modern music to a scene that was written in the fifteen hundreds. All of the classes performances were above and beyond anything I could have imagined. My hope is as each of them learn more about Shakespeare’s work in their further education they will not be intimidated in the least by the words on the page.


PEF News

New PEF Executive Board and Chairs

Last week the final vote to approve our new Executive Board and Committee Chairs occurred they are:

Melanie Currier, President
Jayme Putnam, Vice President
Martha Pepek, Secretary
Colleen Vignale, Treasurer
Jessica Perkins and Liz VanLandingham, Fundraising Co-Chairs
Jenna Paquette, Events Co-Chair
Jenna Pedone, Volunteer Chair
Althea Dubravsky, Enrichments Chair

Annual End of Year Survey

Please take the time to fill out the annual end of the year survey. Although the school sends one out, the PEF sends a separate one to help us do a better job year after year.

Annual PEF End of Year Survey

Our Next PEF Meeting- Monday, July 11th , 7pm at the School

We’d like to say Thank You to all of our exiting officers and Committee Chairs from the 2015-2016 school year.  Without your hard work and dedication, our community would not be as wonderful as it is. We are glad that many of you will be staying on in other capacities. 

At our June meeting last week, we elected new officers for our 2016-2017 school year.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t need YOU! We still need committee members and volunteers.  The Board can’t do it on their own. Bring your ideas, tell us about your skills, interests and talents. Together we can make next year the best PEF year yet!


In order to run the many events for Polaris Students and Parents, we need an Events Committee Co-Chair.  Events help build the school community and allow the kids important social time with peers outside of the classroom.  We already have one Co-Chair for the Events Committee but we really need one more person to help co-lead this Committee. We have two events already planned for this summer.  If you are not able to be Co-Chair but can still help out, please come to the Event Committee meeting on July 26th (Time and Location TBD). 

PEF-Mid-Summer Meet Up!!

Watch your email for a mid-summer meet up.

To be held on July 23rd. More information to follow!

Giving Tuesday

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