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Week Ending 5/20/16

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  Some Board of Trustee Updates

Dear Polaris Families,

It’s hard to believe that our school year is coming to a close soon.  I hope you all have some fun activities lined up for June, July and August!

I wanted to let you know that two members of the Polaris Board of Trustees have resigned.  Kate Baker has been an integral part of the Polaris family but he time commitment became too great for her and I regrettably accepted her resignation.  Steve Walsh has moved out of the state so I also regrettably accepted his resignation.  These two individuals worked above and beyond for our school and its children.  If you should see them, please thank them for their enthusiastic efforts and unwavering perseverance.

When one door closes, another door opens!  With that, I am happy to tell you that Camila Miranda was voted onto the board at our May meeting.  Camila has been a tireless advocate for the safety of our children and has spent countless hours on behalf of Polaris.  We welcome her with open arms!!

The board will not be meeting in June or July so our next meeting will be August 16 at 6 p.m. at Polaris.  All families are welcome to attend.

Have a relaxing and fun summer!


Dellie Champagne
Board Chair




Wednesday May 25th – Volunteer Appreciation Brunch. If you plan to attend please contact Nancy
Primary Field Trip: May 26th
Memorial Day: No School May 30th
Spirit Week: May 31st – June 3rd

Tuesday – USA Day
Wednesday – Class Color/Polaris Gear Day
Thursday – Crazy Hair or Hat Day
Friday – Luau Day

Student Appreciation Day: June 1st (Rain Date June 10th)
Learning Celebration: June 8th


To follow up on our conversation about the actor Sylvester Stallone and the making of the movie “Rocky” we played the theme song “Eye of the Tiger.” So many of the kids knew it and we sang and danced!

We also Read the book “Courage” by Bernard Waber. It talked about everyday examples of courage such as jumping off a high dive, sleeping without a nightlight and being the first to make up after an argument. On Thursday, Miss Gilbert’s class shared their every day acts of courage.



Star Students

Congratulations to our persevering students. Nice job Amadu, Colton, Emmy, Jackson, Joon, Josie and Yousif!



 Hydra Class Share

This trimester we continued learning more about the periodic table of elements. Each student chose a different element to focus on and turned their element into a superhero. They gave their superhero different powers based on the properties of the element and what it is used for. We have also been learning about poetry and figurative language. Each child wrote a poem based on the ecosystem they chose for projects and included three different types of figurative language. Lastly, each child is researching a food chain that exists in their ecosystem as well and is making a diagram to represent it. Examples of each of these were share at Morning Gathering on Friday.

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Thank You Mr. Henderson

Finn and Josie’s dad, Aaron Henderson, gave a wonderful presentation to our Intermediate students on renewable energy focused mainly on windmills and wind power. We learned many things such as they are about 500 feet tall and cost millions to make.

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PEF News

Pennies for Polaris

Do you or your students have pennies or other spare change at home? Maybe in a piggy bank, or a jar, or in the cushions of your couch? Turn that change into into playground fun! From *May 20th thru June 3rd*, the PEF is holding a penny drive.

All donations will go towards new equipment for the playground.

We want the students to be a big part of this fundraiser, so please encourage them to bring their coins in to school and ask family, friends and neighbors for their help too.

Pennies for Polaris, it just makes cents!

If you have any questions, please email me at alicia.ferrieo@yahoo.com.

Proposed Changes to Bylaws

The bylaws of the PEF require that any changes be publicized prior to a vote. Last night at our meeting there was discussion surrounding changes that would need to be made to allow the PEF to continue to function with a large number of vacancies on the Executive Board. The exact proposed changes are below, along with brief descriptions of the reasons changes were needed.

Article 3 Section 1- Members

Currently Reads:  Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student at the school is a member and shall voting rights.

The director, teachers, and staff employed at the school are member and have voting rights.

-Board of directors are not clarified.
-Parent guardian and “incoming” parents need to be clarified.

Change to:  Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student at the school, current or incoming, is a member and shall voting rights.  The administration, board of trustees, teachers, and staff employed at the school are member and have voting rights.

Article 4 – Section 5

Currently Reads:  If there is a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president will become the president.  If there is a vacancy in any other office, the Executive Board may appoint and interim officer until the vacancy is filled during the next regular election at the annual meeting.

*Change to*:  *If there is a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president will become the president.  If there is a vacancy in any other office, the **remaining **Executive Board may appoint and interim officer until the vacancy is filled during the next regular election at the annual meeting. *

Article V Section 1- Executive Board

Current:  The Executive Board shall consist of the officers, school director, standing committee chairs, and two members-at-large.

-Too many people.  Looking to bring this number down so that it is more realistic to have enough members present at a meeting to vote.

Change to:

*The Executive Board shall consist of the officers. *

Article V Section 4

Current: Six  members to include a minimum of 4 executive board members shall constitute a quorum

Change to:  *Six  members to include a minimum of 4 executive board/1 committee chair member or 1 member at large would constitute a quorum*


*Six members to include a minimum of 2 executive board members plus two committee members/2 members at large would constitute a quorum.*

Nominations for Positions

We’re excited to announce that we now have someon running for every single position!The positions will be voted on at next month’s meeting, on June 9th at 7pm.

Proposed new officers and committee chairs are:

Melanie Currier for President
Jayme Putnam for Vice President
Colleen Vignale for Treasurer
Katie Cote for Secretary
Althea Dubravsky for Enrichment Chair
Jenna Pedone for Volunteer Chair
Jessica Perkins/Liza VanLandinham for Fundraising Co-Chairs
Daniela De Los Reyes and Melissa McCann for Members at Large.

Giving Tuesday

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