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Week Ending 4/01/16

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  Smarter Balanced Assessment

Our students in “grades” 3rd – 6th will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment that is required by the state.  We anticipate that we will begin testing on Monday April 11th. Students will likely be tested in two hour sessions over the course of four to five days. The Smarter Balanced test consists of an English/Language Arts portion and a Math portion. Within each of those subjects, there are two type of tests, a computer adaptive test (CAT) and a performance task (PT). The CAT asks one question at a time and adjusts the difficulty according to students’ answers. The English/Language Arts PT is a writing task administered where students read articles related to a topic and answer open ended questions. They are also asked to write a longer piece that requires them to use the five steps in the writing process. The math PT is a multi-step, real-world math problem. More information can be found here: http://www.smarterbalanced.org/parents/ If you have any questions, contact Jen. A very special thanks to Preston Moulton for his help in configuring our chrome books in preparation for this!!

Pavo Class Learning Celebration

The Pavo Class had their Learning Celebration on a different date and you can see from the crowd why we may need to schedule things at different times in the future. We were treated to a play focused on America gaining independence from Britain. We “met” many historical figures such as  George Washington, Betsey Ross, King George and Paul Revere. We were also treated to songs and then a display of students work in the classroom.


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Core Value – Responsibility


 Perseus Class Share

Earlier this year, we listened to the anthem of Peter Paul and Mary titled “If I Had a Hammer.” Ms. Perham’s class wrote out the versus and we practiced singing the song together. Our hope is that we can expand the choices for our morning song and this is a great message!


PEF News

North Star Dance

  • The dance is from 6pm until 9pm at the school downstairs in the Gathering Room.
  • There will be a photographer to take pictures of the event and the children with their North Stars and a craft table, so there is more to do than just dancing.
  • Siblings are welcome to attend the dance!
  • The sign up sheet is up and can be found HERE
  • For those who might not know – there is no cost to attend this community-building event. Snacks and drinks are available during the event on a pay-by-donation basis (no set prices).

Parents’ Coffee

Come meet and mingle with other parents this Wednesday, April 6th,  at Panera on South Willow, after drop off.


Engineering FUNdamentals is closed! If you registered for it before registration closed your student got in. Apologies about the delay in emails, I’m hoping to get one sent out this weekend.

The following classes need more people to register in order to run:

Yoga- 7 more kids needed!


Currier Art- 2 more kids needed


First Aid has enough registrants to run, but still has space:


Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to fill open positions on our Executive Board and Committees this coming school year. These positions are crucial to the support of the staff and our school, and are currently in danger of remaining vacant.

Without volunteers we will be unable to run our wonderful enrichments (those emails and forms don’t create themselves!), organize in-class volunteers when the teachers need them, or those great fundraising programs that support things like teacher development and scholarships for enrichments. Please contact us today to learn more about these important roles at 


Giving Tuesday

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