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Week Ending 3/18/16

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  Learning Celebration

Our second trimester is winding down and we came together to celebrate all of the hard work that has gone in to pursuing projects in the area of Conflict and Cooperation. Some of the topics we explored were the Hundred Years War, various countries and literature from various cultures surrounding a common theme. Pictures speak a thousand words!







This year’s auction was a huge success as well as a lot of fun. The PEF went above and beyond and raised almost $7,800!  This was about 60% more than was raised last year. The money will be used to support our staff and their professional development. Thank you to everyone who volunteered many hours to make this happen. Thank you also to those who donated items and to everyone who supported our cause.

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Core Value – Responsibility



Star Students

Our responsible Star Students this week were: Adam, Caedan, Emma, Jael, Jordan, Julia, Molly and Oliver.


The Shor Room

At the auction, there was a special presentation to honor Sarah Shor and the many contributions she has made to Polaris over several years. She was our first PEF president and has spent countless hours in service to Polaris. She also established our school library. In her honor, the former “specials” room is dedicated to Sarah.



One of the best parts of the end of a trimester is when our students visit other classes and  are able to see presentations, projects and ask questions. It is a tremendous opportunity to learn from one another and it is so rewarding to the see the pride and excitement of both teachers and students!

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  • Parent/Teacher/Student conferences are Friday March 25th (no school) and Wednesday March 30th after school

PEF News

The North Star Dance is coming Saturday April 2nd and the volunteer sign-up sheet is up! Please visit http://vols.pt/u9U39x to sign up and let Daniela know if you have any questions and/or suggestions

The North Star Dance is an event similar to a mother-daddy/son-daughter dance. Your child can invite their “North Star,” any adult who has been a positive, guiding influence in their lives. Invitations will be coming home soon for children to give to their North Star!


*Introduction to Math Olympiad and Show Choir are both set to start this week, but we haven’t met the minimum number of registrants yet, so if you haven’t yet signed up, please do so!  

*Creative Kids Yoga also needs at least 7 more kids, and You! Are the Artist needs at least 2 more, registration will remain open on these until at least May 1st.

*Time to Clay, First Aid with Jenna Pedone, and Hip Hop Dance with Unbound Academy, all have a little bit more room in them! This means that if you registered already, your child/ren definitely have a spot in the class, and the class will definitely run. Registration will remain open until the class is either set to start, or has been filled, at which point an email will be sent out with additional details.

Registration links are below!

*Time to Clay


*Creative Kids Yoga


*First Aid with Pharmacist Jenna Pedone


*Hip Hop Dance with Unbound Academy


Introduction to Math Olympiad


*Show Choir with Miss Jenn Coletti


*You! Are the Artist




Week Ending 3/11/16 *Correction to Conference Dates

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  Learning Celebration

While our Learning Celebration is open-house style, several classes have special presentations planned. The times and locations are listed below:

Mrs. Fesh – 6:15 — Gathering room

Ms. Perham -6:00 – Classroom

Ms. Gilbert – 6:00 Classroom

Ms. Haynes – 5:45 Gathering room

Mrs. Rainey – 5:45 -6:00 Classroom

Core Value – Responsibility

This week we read a story about a girl who was trying out for a play. As she was auditioning, she forgot her line and ended up not getting the part. She got angry and blamed her teacher for making her mess up. However it was her responsibility to know her material and no one else’s.  We related that to the work we are doing in preparation for our Learning Celebration. Teachers are there to guide students but ultimately it is up to students to make good choices and complete their work. We also watched a short video with that message that you can view here.

Star Students

Our responsible Star Students this week were: Ella, Joshy, Manny, Mikail, Sirus and Tyler.

Mrs. Fesh also recognized her entire class for how much responsibility they have shown while cooperating and working together to practice their plays.IMG_7009


Vela Class Share

Mrs. Fesh’s class has been reading different versions of the Cinderella story from other cultures. For example”The Golden Sandal” is the Middle Eastern version and “Adelita” is the Mexican version. They also read the traditional Cinderella and a Native American story and they have been working very hard on those two plays for the Learning Celebration. They shared them with us at Morning Gathering on Thursday and Friday. What a treat!

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  • Our second trimester Learning Celebration is Wednesday March 16th from 5:30 – 7:00
  • There is no school March 18th as staff will be attending a charter school workshop
  • Parent/Teacher/Student conferences are Friday March 25th (no school) and Wednesday March 30th after school

PEF News


Show Choir and Intro to Math Olympiad are going to be postponed one week, as there aren’t sufficient registrants yet. We are really close to having enough people to run each of these programs, so if you forgot, please sign up here: 

Show Choir


Math Olympiad 


Parents’ Coffee

The next morning coffee is Wednesday April 6th, at Panera Bread on S. Willow, we look forward to seeing you there!

North Star Dance

Polaris’ North Star Dance is set to return on Saturday April 4th at 6pm. This is an opportunity for kids to honor someone who is a guiding influence in their lives, their “North Star.”  Save the date, additional information forthcoming!


The Enrichment and Events committees are both in need of a chair/co-chair. These jobs are time-consuming, but incredibly rewarding, and so much easier when you have lots of people helping out. Even if you’re not interested in chairing you can be a member of one of these committees and do a lot of really great work for our community!

Box Tops

Although the Spring submission date for Box Tops has passed, please continue to send them in as often as you like. Our Box Tops coordinator clips and organizes them year round!

Week Ending 3/4/16

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  Enrollment 2016-2017

We conducted our lottery on Friday, March 4th at 7:00 pm.  We would like to give special thanks to Dr. Jan Wyatt, Executive Director of Nursing and Health Programs at Southern New Hampshire University, for drawing the numbers. We are now accepting applications to be added to our wait list.


Core Value – Responsibility

This month we will be focusing on our Core Value of Responsibility. We began by defining it and then brainstormed examples of how we show it. We talked about how we are responsible for the choices that we make. We closed out the week by discussing ways we show responsibility at school, at home and for our planet. One of the best comments came from Gus who said, ‘You teach us about responsibility, peace and cooperation. Why can’t that play out in the world? Why can’t our leaders do that?’ Good question!



Star Students

We recognized our respectful students from the week before break on Monday. They were Christian, Lexi, Lilly, Lilyana, Maliha, Sophia and Teagan.


Dorado Class Share

This week, Mrs. Dudley’s class listened to The Emperors Egg. We then talked about the responsibility that the Penguins take on when caring for the egg. Students then made a penguin and on the belly of the penguin wrote about a responsibility the penguin has and then inside of another egg we wrote a responsibility they have.

Buddy Time

Both Ms. Gilbert and Ms. Perham’s classes are researching different countries corresponding to our trimester theme of Conflict and Cooperation. The older student and the younger student who were working on the same country worked together to gather information.




  • There is no school March 18th as staff will be attending a charter school workshop

PEF News


Enrichment registrations are currently open! If you would like to register your kids, but it’s just not in your budget please contact Althea at dubravskya@gmail.com 

about financial assistance. Right now there’s still room in EVERY enrichment!

You can find the brochure here:


And the links to register are here:

Creative Kids Yoga with Michelle Wilson Folan


Engineering FUNdamentals


First Aid with Pharmacist Jenna Pedone


Hip Hop Dance with Unbound Academy


Introduction to Math Olympiad with Dr. Tapp