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Week Ending 2/19/16

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  Happy Winter Break!


Core Value – Respect

This week, we read an update on Kid President. As you know, he has a disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) which results in frequent broken bones. This week he had surgery to replace a rod in his leg. The students love watching his inspirational videos that contain such wonderful messages. It was a reminder that you never know what someone you know is going through and why it is important to treat each other with respect and kindness.

To correspond with this message, we listened to/watched a video called “Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes.” It talked about looking at situations from another person’s perspective. You can view it here.


Star Students

Last week’s students who really exemplified Respect were: Emmy, Giuli, Izzy, Jordan, Ryan and Sarah. Super job!


Pavo Class Share

The Pavo class has been learning about the American Revolution. Each student has been researching a person significant to that time period (such as George Washington and Betsy Ross) and they shared a little about them with us last Friday. They also taught us the song “My Country Tis of Thee,” first explaining what each verse means.



Students in Mrs. Dudley’s and Mrs. V’s class buddied together to make catapults recently. They used tape and popsicle sticks to build them and then they measured the distance that the hershey kisses traveled.




  • There is no school February 22nd through February 28th

PEF News

The 4th Annual Polaris Charter School Auction is quickly approaching! Check out the website at polariseducationalfoundation.org/auction. You can RSVP to the auction by emailing auctionrsvp@polarischarterschool.org.

Check out the Auction Web site for an exciting new addition! We’re raffling off a School Supply “Cake”. For each raffle ticket, specify a Polaris teacher. When the winning ticket is drawn at the auction, the “Cake” goes to that teacher. You can buy advance raffle tickets online at polariseducationalfoundation.org/auction.

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Enrichment is working hard to bring you exciting new Spring Enrichments, so be on the look-out next week!

Polaris Educational Foundation Meeting

We had such a great turn out last month, come see what you’re missing at our next PEF meeting, which will be Friday the 19th, at 7pm at the school. We hope to see you there!

Giving Tuesday

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