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Week Ending 12/18/15

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Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s Read-a-Thon!  Sixty-nine kids participated, which is almost 62% of our students.  They read a total of 54,274 minutes, which is the equivalent of 904.5 hours, or  37.7 days.  Over $4700 was raised, and after we give out prizes, we’ll have $3170 for the school’s emergency fund. Certificates, prizes and gift cards were awarded and sent home in children’s backpacks on Thursday, December 17th. 

Mrs. Rainey’s class read 11,522 minutes which was the highest of the intermediate classes while Miss Gilbert’s class totaled the most for primary at 8396 and she also had the most participants for a class.

Core Value – Caring/Kindness

We read the following scenario this week:

Jordan and Trevor had been good friends since preschool. Their parents were friends and they often visited each other and spent long weekends together. In the second grade, they were in different classes but they still played together during recess and after school. Towards the middle of the year, Trevor started to become friends with Jeremy. During recess he tried to play with both Jordan and Jeremy but it was complicated for all three of them to be together. Gradually, Trevor started playing in a different part of the playground from Jordan and he and Jeremy would hide if Trevor came looking for them. One day they hid in a large tunnel near the climber when Jordan came looking for them. Trevor watched Jordan as he looked for him and called his name. When Trevor peeked out from the end of the tunnel, he saw Jordan quickly wipe a tear from his eye, hoping no one would notice. Students discussed:

How did Jordan feel?
How did Trevor feel?
What would you do if you were Trevor?
What would you do if you were Jordan?
Would it be easy for Jordan to accept an apology from Trevor?

We also recalled the video the Boomerang Effect that we have watched in the past. A third grade class created their own kindness boomerang movie that we viewed. You can watch it here.

“I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.”

-Rachel Scott

Star Students

This week’s kind and caring students were: Bree (not pictured) Cole, Colton, Gaby, Lily, Maru and Nevaeh. Kudos!


Mrs. Vlasich also recognized her entire class for the kindness and cooperation they showed while preparing for their Learning Celebration presentation.


Holiday Giving

The items that we have collected for needy will be picked up on Monday December 21st so there is still time to donate! We are still in need of the following items:

Boys size 12/14 snow pants
Mickey Mouse or cars/trucks for a 3 year old
Boys size 4T pants and shirts
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Sponges/dish soap

Thank you for your help!


  • Polaris will receive $1 for every reusable blue Good Karma bag sold at the Hannaford store on Mast Rd. in Goffstown
  • There is no school December 24th – January 3rd

PEF News

Box Tops

Don’t forget to clip and send in your Box Tops! Although submissions usually occur twice per year there is a lot of trimming and bundling that occurs before they get submitted, so the PEF accepts them year round.


Volunteers with availability to go to the school to be in a shortlist in the event of staff being shorthanded

Volunteers for the auction
Classroom volunteers

Please contact Volunteers Coordinator at danielareyes@comcast.net for more details

PEF Meeting

Don’t forget the next Polaris Educational Foundation meeting is at Polaris on Friday December 18th, at 7pm. Parent/teacher organizations are important at every school, but even more so at a small school like Polaris. Come to the meeting to find out all the great ways you can get involved in your children’s Polaris experience!

Giving Tuesday

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