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Week Ending 11/06/15

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Special Visitors

The Primary classes have been studying our very own local community. One aspect of the local community that we’ve been focusing on this month are community helpers. We’ve had some special guests visit us this past month. 

Dr. Nakip talked to the students about his role as a doctor are important in our community. We learned a lot about the eye since that was his area of specialty.


Officer Nathan Linstad from the Manchester Police Department visited and talked about his training and work as an officer.


Krista Mellina talked about being a dental hygienist and the importance of keeping our teeth healthy. Her dental office even donated toothbrushes and floss for the kids to take home.


Thank you to all for your excellent presentations and for being an important role model in our community!

Lost and Found

Our lost and found is overflowing again. It would be really helpful if you could write your children’s name inside coats and other items so we can return them to their owner.


Core Value – Citizenship

During November, we will be talking about citizenship. We began by brainstorming what good citizens can be, what they have and what they are.

Wednesday, we spent a little time talking about the constitution giving particular attention to the Preamble. We watched a video from School House Rock that introduced it. You can play it here. The next day we went into more depth. We learned that a preamble is an introduction. We then broke down each phrase and discussed what it means. The constitution was ratified (approved) on September 17, 1787 however Article V specified that it could be amended (changed) by vote. The first 10 amendments are called the Bill of Rights and these guarantee freedoms in our country.


We REALLY need:

Toner for our Brother MFC-7860DW printers!

Snacks for kids who forget their’s



Please donate if you can.

Star Students

The students who demonstrated the Core Value of Fairness were honored this week. They were: Emmy, Giuli, Kayla, Mohammed, Oliver, Rosie and Toby.


Vela Class Share

To elaborate on the idea of classroom citizenship, our class has been talking about how excellent classroom citizens are able to recognize the difference between situations that are fair and situations that are unfair. We talked about how as good classroom citizens, it our job to notice things or situations that are not fair so that we can do our best to make them fair for our friends and classmates. For our Friday share, each student made a poster to demonstrate the idea of fairness. The left side of the poster included a sketch of an unfair situation, such as not sharing chalk at recess. The right side of the poster showed a sketch of how that particular situation could be made fair, such as sharing the calk with all of our classmates! The students did a wonderful job sharing their work with their peers!



Community Giving

Don’t forget -Christian,Dory, Gabby, Gus, Haya, Mayla, Nikosia and Sophia are hosting a movie night on the 7th of November to raise money for the Webster House, a group home for children. There will be a G movie (Finding Nemo 5:30 to 7:00) and a PG movie (Maleficent 7:30 to 9:00) in the Polaris basement. Bring an old toy or game (in good condition) and get a free baked good.

Also, as part of their community service project, Cal and Andrew held a bake sale and donated the proceeds to Polaris. In one hour they raised $32.47! Thank you Cal and Andrew.



  • There is no school next Wednesday, November 11th due to observing Veteran’s Day
  • There is no school November 25th, 26th and 27th due to Thanksgiving
  • Please remember to pack a snack for your child on pizza Friday’s
  • Polaris will receive $1 for every reusable blue Good Karma bag sold at the Hannaford store on Mast Rd. in Goffstown
  • The Manchester School District is changing their schools’ hours at the end of November.  This does NOT impact Polaris.  Our hours will remain the same.

PEF News

Once again, this year, the PEF will be hosting a Thanksgiving potluck to be held in the school basement. Last year’s event was loads of fun, so we hope you can make it. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with other families and to socialize with those we already know. Since we come from so many diverse NH towns, we have few chances to connect. This is a great one.

On Saturday, November 14th, at 5pm, come over to 100 Coolige Ave., share some delicious food, play some games, relax and chat. We will have activities for the kids while the parents do boring things, like talk to one another. 😉 Maybe a rousing game of “Charades”, parents vs. children is in order. No matter, it will be a blast, so mark your calendar.

Watch for the volunteer sheet to be posted the first week of November, and please RSVP.


Giving Tuesday

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