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Week Ending 10/30/15

star boy

National School Lunch Program

Title I money is the largest single federal funding source for education. This supplemental funding aims to meet the needs of at risk and low-income students. It can be used for hiring teachers, providing tutoring, increasing parental involvement, professional development and purchasing materials and supplies.

Students are considered low-income if they qualify for the National School Lunch Program. Although Polaris Charter School does not provide lunch, we still can receive this funding.

In addition, those families who qualify for the National School Lunch Program are eligible for low-cost Internet access from Comcast. This includes:

  • Fast home Internet for just $9.95 a month + tax
  • No price increases, no activation fees, or equipment rental fee
  • A computer available at initial enrollment for just $149.99 + tax
  • Access to free Internet training – online, in print and in classroom

For more information go to: http://www.internetessentialspartner.com/

The instructions can be downloaded here. Even if you have completed one in the past, a new one must be done. Place your completed application in a sealed envelope and address it to Jennifer Murdock-Smith. Your information will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. The deadline has been extended until November 3rd. Thank you.

Field Trip

This week, Mrs. Rainey and Ms.Perham’s class went on a field trip to Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH. Students got to experience a time travel workshop and tour of the living history museum. One group, learned more about archaeology and got to become archaeologists as they searched for artifacts. The other group learned about the 18th century cooking. They learned about food preservation and how people living at the time cooked food on a hearth. Everyone enjoyed learning about the different ingredients used during this time period and the sugar cookies they made. On the tour, students got to talk to explore over 200 years of history by exploring the different houses at Strawbery Banke. They got to speak with role players, who allowed them to learn even more about the houses and time periods. Thank you to the chaperones and everyone who made this learning experience possible!


Archaeology 2
Barrel maker


Core Value – Fairness

We started this week’s discussion of Fairness by reading scenarios and giving a thumbs up if the circumstances were fair or a thumbs down if they were not. Some examples: you take a soccer ball out to recess so you can decide who can play with it (fair), you don’t know the answer to a question on an assessment so your friend gives you the answer (unfair). There were two examples that prompted some discussion. The first was you let your friend cut in front of you in a long line to buy tickets for a concert. A couple of younger students felt that this was fair because they were being a good friend but the feelings of others need to be considered as well. The other example that stirred some debate was your older brother has a later bedtime than you.

Since we will be moving on to a new Core Value next week, we reviewed the ones we have covered so far and reflected on what lessons stood out the most to students.


Read A Thon

The Read-a-Thon packets went home on October 28th, coinciding with Book Character Dress Up Day.  The Read-a-Thon is designed to encourage our students to read and build literacy skills, while raising money for the school’s emergency fund.

During the Read-a-Thon period, November 9th – 22nd, we’re asking every child to read at least 30 minutes a day outside of class and record their reading time.  Students can also ask family and friends to sponsor their reading efforts and support the school.  

  • Every child who participates gets a certificate.
  • Every child who reads at least 420 minutes over two weeks gets a prize.
  • Every child who raises at least $30 will receive up to 30% of the total they raise in the form of Barnes & Noble gift cards to buy books of their choice.

Thank you Elizabeth Abundez-Owen for coming in Wednesday morning to speak to the the children about it and generating enthusiasm.

Book Character Dress Up Day

On Wednesday, we celebrated Book Character Dress Up Day. Students and staff alike participated in the fun! Classes got together with their buddies and did some activities as well.





Star Students

Congratulations to Andrew R., Andrew V., David, Ella S., Matthew, Nadia and Sophia for being chosen as Star Students!





By: Talia 

He stalks his prey.
Eyes red with fury.
Never knowing
His coat
tail in the air
teeth bared
muscles rippling.
Only one word comes to mind


Yet I stand there
me, and all my fears.
not scared
not even a bit intimidated.
Facing this creature
and feeling
not hate
but love.
For this
huge creature
has changed
my LIFE.

I take a step, and something changes
Some great creature stirring in my heart.
I feel it.
A place in myself I have never been before,

Stirring, Awakening
I feel small, but I know I am strong.
My creature stirs just below the surface, ready to erupt
The wolf’s eyes blaze, staring deep into my soul
Yet I am unafraid

I take one step, then another
I feel some great bond between this wolf and I
A great power links us, holding us together
Like two chained animals, both ready to break free
Yet still we wait muscles tensed, waiting.

Pavo’s Class Share

Pavo class shared their classroom constitution with us on Friday. They drafted it to ensure that fairness is practiced class.  Following that, they sang “This Land is Your Land” and showed us the sign language for it. We then all sang and signed the song together.



Community Giving

Dear Parents,

We are going to host a movie night on the 7th of November to raise money for the Webster House. There will be a G movie (Finding Nemo 5:30 to 7:00) and a PG movie (Maleficent 7:30 to 9:00) in the Polaris basement. Bring an old toy or game (in good condition) and get a free baked good.


Christian,Dory, Gabby, Gus, Haya, Mayla, Nikosia and Sophia


  • Please remember to pack a snack for your child on pizza Friday’s
  • Polaris will receive $1 for every reusable blue Good Karma bag sold at the Hannaford store on Mast Rd. in Goffstown
  • The Manchester School District is changing their schools’ hours at the end of November.  This does NOT impact Polaris.  Our hours will remain the same.

PEF News

Next Tuesday, November 3rd, at 8:30am, we are meeting at Panera Bread, 7 Colby Court, Bedford, NH 03110, for coffee and chat. Won’t you join us and get to know your fellow Polaris Parents? Little ones are more than welcome as well. 

Once again, this year, the PEF will be hosting a Thanksgiving potluck to be held in the school basement. Last year’s event was loads of fun, so we hope you can make it. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with other families and to socialize with those we already know. Since we come from so many diverse NH towns, we have few chances to connect. This is a great one.

On Saturday, November 14th, at 5pm, come over to 100 Coolige Ave., share some delicious food, play some games, relax and chat. We will have activities for the kids while the parents do boring things, like talk to one another. 😉 Maybe a rousing game of “Charades”, parents vs. children is in order. No matter, it will be a blast, so mark your calendar.

Watch for the volunteer sheet to be posted the first week of November, and please RSVP.


Giving Tuesday

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