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Week Ending 10/23/15

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Please Vote!

There is only one week left in the Kris Wine contest. Please vote!! At press time we were in sixth place but if we all vote, we have the potential to earn more money to directly support art at Polaris.

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Core Value – Fairness

Ten pennies, two nickels and a dime look different, they are different sizes different weights but they all have the same value. This is true of people as well. We look different on the outside but we are of equal value and deserve to be treated fairly.


Every now and then, something comes up where we divert from our discussion of the month’s Core Value. This occurred on Wednesday. A mystery student has been leaving folded paper airplanes around the school that contain a positive, motivational note. One such example is pictured below and I wanted to make sure that all students heard it.



Star Students

Fairness abounds at Polaris! Congratulations to Bree, Christian, Ella, Finn, Johnny, Maru and Maryam.



Dorado’s Class Share

The children in Mrs. Dudley’s class worked on a special reader’s theater this week. The purpose was twofold. It helped challenge the kids to read in the way they speak. It also illustrated the idea of fairness. The play was based on the Three Little Pigs but it had some twists. Hopefully they can share those with you!



Community Giving

Dear Parents,

We are doing a drive to help New Horizons in Manchester, NH. We are going to make a drive where you can donate food and other items on New Horizon’s wishlist to help homeless people in our community. We are starting the drive, October 26 and donations end on November 19.  We are doing it at Polaris. So you can send your donations in with your child. Donations will be stored in Mrs. Rainey’s room. Please contact Mrs. Rainey at a.rainey@polarischarterschool.org, if you have any questions. Thank you for helping us out!


Mohammed, Manny, Daniel, Nathan, Chandler, Ephrim and  Adam


  • Please remember to pack a snack for your child on pizza Friday’s
  • Polaris will receive $1 for every reusable blue Good Karma bag sold at the Hannaford store on Mast Rd. in Goffstown
  • On Wednesday, October 28th we will be having a school “dress up as your favorite book character day.” Students are encouraged to use their creativity and create their costume
  • The Manchester School District is changing their schools’ hours at the end of November.  This does NOT impact Polaris.  Our hours will remain the same.  

PEF News

We are ramping up for the 4th Annual Polaris Charter School Silent Auction, March 12, 2015, and we need your help! Stay tuned for announcements regarding Auction Committee meetings and requests for volunteers.

There are still envelopes left in the 100 Envelopes fundraiser for the emergency facilities and maintenance fund. If the amounts remaining are too high, consider teaming up with your friends and family to fill one. Every envelope counts! Contact Ali Ferriero at ali.ferriero@gmail.com with questions or to pick your envelope.

Kris Wine’s Art of Education is a program designed to help support the arts in schools. This program has helped support art education at Polaris, so please don’t forget to vote daily, and remind your friends and family as well.


Giving Tuesday

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