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Week Ending 4/24/15

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To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever



Smarter Balanced Assessment

This week we administered our Smarter Balanced assessment. Like most schools, we did experience some glitches such as the test freezing and the kids having to log back in again. I was incredibly impressed with how patient our students were and how diligently they worked. I also observed that students were glad to have a computer based assessment replace the old paper-pencil format. Several even enjoyed it! Most students were able to finish all four segments of the assessment this week. Those that were absent or still need to finish a section will continue to work next week.


The Senate vote to increase charter school funding has been postponed until next week. Please take a minute to contact your senator. Thank you to those who attended Thursday’s rally so our voices could be heard. Our ability to retain our amazing staff really depends on this!!




Our Core Value for the month of May is Perseverance. When prompted, students noted that it means to keep trying, stick with it, be determined and work hard. I commended them for their perseverance during testing. We also read a story about a man named Monty Roberts. His father was a horse trainer and they moved from ranch to ranch often so his school was always being interrupted. One day, his teacher asked students to write a paper about what they wanted to be. Monty wrote a seven page paper about his plan to own a horse ranch. The teacher gave him an “F” because he felt it was unrealistic since he came from a family with no resources. The teacher offered to let him rewrite the paper with a more realistic plan. After thinking about it, Monty told his teacher “keep the F and I will keep my dream.” He went on to own a 200 acre ranch. With perseverance you can achieve your dreams.


Star Students

We recognized our star students from the week before spring vacation on Monday. Congratulations to: Alanna, Dory, Liam, Jeff, and Jonas.


In addition, Mrs. Dudley rewarded her whole class noting that she trusts them to do well with Mr. Solis for the rest of the school year.



Congratulations to Mrs. Dudley and Mrs. Post on the birth of their sons. Mrs. Dudley’s son Quin was born on April 29th and Mrs Post’s son Greyson was born on May 1st.



  • There is no school May 25th on Memorial Day
  • The next Learning Celebration is June 3rd
  • The last day of school for students is June 12th. Parent/Teacher/Student conferences will be held Wednesday afternoon on June 10th and Monday June 15th.
  • We are now taking applications for our 2015-2016 wait list. The application can be found on our website under the Admissions tab

Mrs. Fesh's Class Looking at Rock Cycles

Mrs. Fesh’s Class Looking at Rock Cycles

PEF News

The PEF Annual Meeting is on Friday, May 15, at 7 PM at the school. Please join us!

Polaris has some great teachers! Have you expressed your appreciation to your child’s teacher lately? May I encourage you to take a moment in the next few days to thank your child’s teacher for his/her hard work?


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