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Week Ending 4/24/15

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Smarter Balanced Assessment

During May 4th – 8th from approximately 9:00 am to 10:30 am, we will be administering the Smarter Balanced assessment with our students in grades 3 through 6. This replaces the English language arts/literacy (ELA) and Math NECAP exam (4th graders will still take the Science NECAP in May). Both the ELA and Math test consists of two components: a computer adaptive assessment that adjusts according to the student’s responses and a performance task allow students to demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills in response to complex, real world problems (also taken on the computer but not adaptive).

In preparation, we ask that you work with us to ensure that your child(ren) are ready to do their best. Please make every effort to ensure your child is present and on time to school, they get a good night’s sleep and have a good breakfast.

To learn more about the Smarter Balanced assessment go to: http://www.smarterbalanced.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Smarter-Balanced-Parents-Factsheet.pdf

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Ms. Haynes is looking for more students to enroll in her enrichment programs this summer so please tell your family and friends. The sessions that will be offered are:

  • Creative Writing/Story Telling
  • Computer Programming
  • Art
  • Engineering
  • Musical Theater

For more information click here.  To register click here.


This week we focused on trustworthy people.  We learned about Miep Gies who helped Anne Frank and her family when the German army, under Adolf Hitler’s command, invaded Holland and attempted to kill all of Europe’s Jews. The Frank family decided to hide in a secret annex and they trusted Gies with their lives. For more than two years, Gies did the shopping for the eight people that were hiding in spite of the danger to her and her family.

We also talked about a Native American woman named Sacagawea.  President Thomas Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and their Corps of Discovery to explore the northern part of the Louisiana Purchase. When they arrived at what is now North Dakota, they needed to communicate with the Native Americans there. Sacagawea became the only woman part of the expedition and the group trusted her to be their interpreter.

We ended the week by talking about people that we can trust around us. Students recognized that policemen/women, firefighters, family, teachers and friends are trustworthy. But is it okay to trust everyone? At first the answer was yes so then we talked about being careful with stangers.

Star Students

The students that were recognized for their trustworthiness this week were: Andrew, Courtney, Dominick, Ephrim, Evan, Finn and Jordan. Way to go!!



Classrooms and offices are all running low on supplies. We would greatly appreciate any donations that families are willing to send.  Bring them to the office and we will distribute to the places that need them most. Thank you!

  • Clorox wipes 
  • Paper Towels

Ms. Haynes’s Class Share

This week Ms. Haynes class related this trimester’s theme of “Journey’s and Cycles” to going on a journey of happiness. We talked about our goals, ambitions, and desires and came to the conclusion that they all came down to one thing – doing what makes us happy. We created individual cards, each with a word that portrays something that makes us happy. We then talked about what makes us happy as a class. We found that all of the things that were mentioned revolved around being together and fostering friendships with one another, so we decorated letters to spell out the word “friendships.” 

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Ms. Hayne’s class also had buddy time with Ms. Gilbert’s class. They read them the book they wrote and had published. Her students then answered questions and talked about the writing process, especially regarding revision.


Best Wishes to Mrs. Dudley!

Today was Mrs. Dudley’s last day before beginning her maternity leave. Mike Solis will be teaching her class for the rest of the school year. We look forward to meeting Quin!

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  • There is no school April 27th – May 3rd
  • The last day of school for students is June 12th. Parent/Teacher/Student conferences will be held Wednesday afternoon on June 10th and Monday June 15th.
  • We are now taking applications for our 2015-2016 wait list. The application can be found on our website under the Admissions tab


PEF News

The PEF Annual Meeting is on Friday, May 15th (7 PM at the school). All parents and Polaris staff are automatically members of the PEF and are welcome to come vote for new PEF Board members. Anyone interested in getting more involved at Polaris by taking on a position in the PEF should contact Brianna (pef@polarischarterschool.org) for descriptions of open positions.

Auction Update!

The 3rd Annual Auction raised nearly $5,000 for the PlaySpace Improvement Campaign!

Giving Tuesday

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