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Week Ending 4/17/15

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The auction hosted by the PEF was successful and fun! Thank you to everyone who came and supported us and thank you to our donors.

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Ms. Haynes is looking for more students to enroll in her enrichment programs this summer so please tell your family and friends. The sessions that will be offered are:

  • Creative Writing/Story Telling
  • Computer Programming
  • Art
  • Engineering
  • Musical Theater

For more information click here.  To register click here.


This week we talked about trustworthiness at school and how important it is for learning. Students expect that teachers and school staff will be honest and reliable. Teachers and staff hope that students will be loyal to their school. Each classroom has established a classroom constitution or code of conduct. By following what is expected of them, students show trustworthiness. This extends outside our school as well. We discussed how when we are on a field trip, the same rules apply.

This week we also watched a clip from the movie The Jungle Book about trust.

Star Students

The students that were recognized for their trustworthiness this week were: Bindhi, Jeff, Juju, Julian, Mikail, Nevaeh, and Wren. Congratulations to all of you!

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Classrooms and offices are all running low on supplies. We would greatly appreciate any donations that families are willing to send.  Bring them to the office and we will distribute to the places that need them most. Thank you!

  • Germ-killing Wipes (i.e. Clorox)
  • Germ-killing Spray (i.e. Lysol)
  • Paper Towels
  • Sunscreen Lotion – not spray (for class backpacks)
  • Healthy Snacks (anything but pretzels)

Fisher Cats Educational Day

Polaris Charter School students attended the Fisher Cats Educational Day baseball game on Wednesday.  Tickets and busing were provided by the Youk’s Kids Foundation (Foundation of Kevin Youkilis, former Red Sox player).  Our students listened well and represented Polaris well. They were able to visit a petting zoo and some science stations. Thank you for those that chaperoned. 

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Ms. Gilbert’s Class

This week Ms. Gilbert’s students learned about the water cycle to go along with this trimester’s theme of Journey’s and Cycles. They put on a skit demonstrating the process. Some students were a pool of water, one was the sun, others were droplets than became a cloud and some were precipitation. They also wrote a song that they taught us at Morning Gathering.



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Best Wishes to Mrs. Post!

Today was Mrs. Post’s last day before beginning her maternity leave. She will leave her students in the capable hands of our Ed Assistant Mari Twitchell. We look forward to receiving news of baby boy Post’s arrival and wish Meredith, Eric and big sister Stella much happiness!

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  • The last day of school for students is June 12th. Parent/Teacher/Student conferences will be held Wednesday afternoon on June 10th and Monday June 15th.
  • We are now taking applications for our 2015-2016 wait list. The application can be found on our website under the Admissions tab



Weaver Cheryl Holbert has been working with the students during art.  They have been enjoying the experience that our Kris Wine grant has provided us.  Thank you to everyone who voted in the Facebook Kris Wine contest! 

PEF News

An End-of-Year event is being planned; watch the newsletter for a date and location next week.

The 3rd Annual Polaris Auction was really fun, and brought in money for the PlaySpace Improvement Fund. The total amount raised will be announced soon!

The PEF has board positions available for 2015-2016. Contact Brianna and Ali at pef@polarischarterschool to learn more. Voting takes place at the May PEF meeting, 05/15, at 7 PM at the school. Consider taking this opportunity to support Polaris by joining the PEF board!

PEF meetings (all at 7 PM at the school):

Friday 05/15

June meeting – date TBD

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