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Week Ending 3/27/15

star boy

RSVP for the Auction by Friday, April 3rd 

This year’s auction will be a Gala event with dinner, dancing, a live band, and a guest speaker! All funds raised go toward the PlaySpace Improvement Campaign.

Join us on Friday April 10th, at 6:30 pm, at The Yard, 1211 South Mammoth Road, Manchester. $25 per person.

To RSVP, or more info, email auctionRSVP@polarischarterschool.org

Or click here to pay for tickets online. (Online orders have a $1 processing fee per ticket.)

See http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/get-involved/fundraising/auction/  for a list of the exciting items we’ll have available at the auction! A BIG Thank You to all the vendors who have donated!! 

The YMCA is offering a “Parents’ Night Out” at Polaris during our Auction on April 10th.  You can drop kids off starting at 6:00, and pick them up by 11:00.  The cost is $30 for the first child, and $15 for each sibling.  We need 5 families to sign up in order to run it.  Payment is due with sign-up and must be in by Friday, April 3rd.  Send a check to school with a note stating it’s for the Parents’ Night Out and the names of the children who will attend.

Thank you!

Learning Celebration

We had another great celebration of students’ learning. Our teachers and students amazed us with their poetry, writing pieces and their varied projects that demonstrated ‘how things work.’ This month’s Core Value is responsibility and it really showed but I also witnessed community, friendship, citizenship, caring, acceptance and respect!!

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What Next?

Dear families,

Next Wednesday April 8th at 6:00 Michelle Mathieu and Kim Russell will be hosting an informal meeting in the  Polaris Gathering room about the options families have for their children following Polaris. We will be discussing current schools as well as the possibilities of opening a new charter school for ages 12 and up! Please let us know if you are able to attend and if you have information or ideas that you would like to share with other families please let us know.


Kim Russell and Michelle Mathieu


This week we talked about responsibility rather than excuses. Example of excuses were shared and then we changed it to a statement of responsibility.  For example “it broke” can be changed to “I broke it. What can I do to fix it?”


Mrs. V’s Class Share

During the second trimester, each of the students in Mrs. V’s class picked an inventor and invention to research and they presented this during the learning celebration. At Thursday’s Morning Gathering they shared the introduction they performed.  Each student introduced themselves and they performed a dance.  I have not been able to get the song “Cotton Eyed Joe” out of my head since! Great job Pavo class!!

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender


  • The school and classrooms are running low on some supplies. Donations of any of the following items would be greatly appreciated.

    * Antibacterial Wipes (we are out)
    * Rolls of Paper Towels

  • There will be a FULL day of school on Wednesday, April 15th  so staff and students can attend the Fisher Cats Educational Day baseball game

Music Notes

In music this week, Ms. Rosenthal played exampled of popular music through out the last several decades. I was surprised at how much knowledge of Michael Jackson songs that Mrs. Fesh’s kids had. Can you guess which song she played part of from the picture below 🙂

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

World Language

Hola Familias,

This week in Spanish we learned the crazy sounds of A (ah), E(ay), I(ee), O(oh) & U (oo). Hopefully, some of the new sounds stuck with the kids. We also reviewed our colores (colors) and are working on making some great PRIMAVERA (Spring) pictures using our colors. 


Srs. Fawcett

Star Students

Our Star Students whose responsibility shined were: Andrew, Colton, Gaby, Izzy, Ryleigh and Sirus.  Great job!

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

Mrs. Rainey also honored her whole class for coming up with the idea, planning and executing an awesome anti-bullying video.


Swim Lessons

Hello, my name is Laura ‘Pools’ Leary and I have an upcoming opportunity for the children of our future. It is very important to educate the children about water safety and basic swimming skills. You can take advantage of special low cost lessons during the April school vacation.

For more information, contact: 

Laura ‘Pools’ Leary, Director of Aquatics

30 Mechanic Street
Manchester, NH 03101
(W) www.graniteymca.org

PEF News

PEF meetings for the rest of the school year (all at 7 PM at the school):

Thursday 04/16

Friday 05/15

June meeting – date TBD

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