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Week Ending 2/20/15

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Drop Off/Pick Up

For parents that carpool:

  • Please do NOT exit your vehicle on Coolidge Ave.  If your child needs help with coats, back packs, buckling, etc. or some TLC, please park on Cartier St. and walk them in/pick them up. If you need to talk to a staff member, please make an appointment to do so at a time other than drop off/pick up. Many of our families are under pressure to get to work in the morning or drop off/pick up another child at school and since driving around the car in front is hazardous, they are having to wait extra time.
  • Please be aware that there may be times when we might need to waive cars around. There have been instances where cars have broken down, a child was sick, etc. Also the extreme amount of snow is causing car lines to move slower and we are making every effort to move things along as quickly as possible.

The safety of our families, students and staff is our utmost concern and we appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

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Featured Writer


– Finn



On Tuesday we watched a music video created by a fourth grade class – “Its Called Respect!” In it they acted out different scenarios that showed a lack of respect.  You can view it here. After, I asked students what disrespectful situations they noticed.

On Wednesday I read a story about about a brother and sister who both had journals that they wrote in.  One day the brother noticed that his sister had left hers out and he was very tempted to read it.  He thought about it though and he knew he would be upset if she did that to him so he chose not to. We related this to student’s work on the computers. Sometimes a person will forget to log out and we should respect their privacy. On Thursday, students listed to the song “Respect” by Train.  A portion of the lyrics are:

Everybody needs a little
Everybody needs a little
Everybody needs a little respect
Everybody needs a little time
Everybody needs a little respect
Everybody needs a little time
Everybody got to have someone

Ms. Gilbert’s Share Day

This month’s monthly core value is “respect” so this week we talked about the things student’s have seen in school, at home, in the car, etc that they feel are disrespectful. We displayed our responses to the statement “It really bugs me when…” onto a bumble bee cut-out that we’ll hang in our classroom. We also wrote on our bugs something we could do or say if we see someone else displaying the disrespectful action that we chose. 

The primary classrooms have been learning about the 6 simple machines during science. In our classroom we built a replica of an Archimedes Screw for one of our hands-on activities, so we decided to demonstrate it to the rest of the school. An Archimedes Screw helps lift water from a low area to a higher area and is a useful tool for crop irrigation. We used plastic tubing for our replica and wrapped it around a container using a screw-like design. When you turn the container water is scooped up into the tubing and slowly travels through the tubing and comes out the other end. 

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  • There is no school next week, February 23rd – March 1st. Have a wonderful break!
  • The Learning Celebration has been rescheduled and is now on March 25th.  Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences will be on Friday 3/27 and after school on Wednesday April 1st
  • There will be no school on March 13th as staff are attending the annual New Hampshire Public Charter School Association Best Practices Conference

National Convention

This week, Mrs. Rainey’s class worked on preparing for the national convention. We learned about the events that go on at an actual national convention. Candidates for president and vice president wrote speeches. Then we had refreshments and students met with the candidates to talk about their stance on the issues. Skylar was a reporter and had a question/answer session with these candidates. 







Star Students

Our star students that really showed respect were Charlotte, Johnny, Matthew, Maverick, Raden, Tyler and Wren.  Nice job!



PEF News

Did you know that you can track your volunteering hours online? If you are doing Polaris volunteer work at home, or if you volunteer at the school and forget to log your hours, you may use this link to record your hours: http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/volunteer-hours/. Please record your hours online, or in the log at the school, but do not record the same volunteering hours on both.

Game and Movie Night – Saturday, March 21st, 2:30 to 7 PM. We have changed this event to include the game night which was cancelled due to snow. Details will be included in future newsletters.

3rd Annual Auction – Friday, April 10th, 6:30 to 11:30 at The Yard. This is an adult only event. You can view the invitation here {Jen, will you add a link to the invite?}

PEF meetings for the rest of the school year (all at 7 PM at the school):

Friday 03/20

Thursday 04/16

Friday 05/15

June meeting – date TBD.

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