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Week Ending 2/13/15

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Drop Off/Pick Up

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, I would like to remind everyone to:

  • Please use your hazard lights when waiting to pick up/drop off your children
  • Please have the placard with your name displayed.
  • Please do not leave your car.  A staff person will assist you children with getting in on the passenger side of your vehicle
  • DO NOT pass the car in front of you.  It is very difficult to see and passing space in very limited due to all of the snow.


  • We need spare clothes for students ages 9-12.  We have plenty for the younger students.
  • We could use Ricola cough drops and children’s Tums

Inclined Planes

Students in Mrs. Fesh’s class made inclined planes on Friday. They showed such creativity!



  • The Learning Celebration has been rescheduled and is now on March 25th.  Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences will be on Friday 3/27 and after school on Wednesday April 1st
  • We do have school on Monday, February 16th
  • There will be no school on March 13th as staff are attending the annual New Hampshire Public Charter School Association Best Practices Conference
  • Please use your own discretion regarding your children’s attendance at school when the weather is poor.  The late arrival/absence will be excused. Many of our students ride the Manchester buses (which is why we do our best to match Manchester’s schedule whenever possible).  If Polaris delayed when Manchester was not delayed those students would not have bus transport to school.

A New Math Tool

Mrs. Rainey and Ms. Haynes were both awarded a one year grant that will give all of our intermediate students access to a game based math facts program called Reflex Math. It helps students learn their math facts in a fun and interactive way and feedback from students has been very positive.


Healthy Hattrick

Polaris Charter School is participating in the Monarchs/NHAHPERD Healthy Hat Trick Program sponsored by New Hampshire Healthy Families. The program focuses on growing physical fitness and healthy eating habits in our schools while also recognizing students and schools who go above and beyond in the areas of fitness and nutrition.

You can view more information here.

All of our students will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a free ticket to one of the selected Monarchs Healthy Hat Trick games.

Buddy Time

Ms. Haynes and Ms. Gilbert’s classes got together this week to make mailboxes to collect their Valentine’s. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Chinese Paradise

Dear Parents,

Thank you again for your generous donations of some Chinese New Year Items that our classes need to prepare for our celebration and learning on the big even for the Chinese People.  Due to the inclement weather the last few weeks, we are still collecting the following items for donations: Chinese fans, red table cloths, clear liquid glue, lanterns and glitter (red and gold colors).

We are planning to have our presentation and celebration in the month of March due to snow days.  The exact date will be determined and announced through the school’s newsletter.

This week, the student are also learning some words about Valentine’s Day such as “I love Dad, I love Mom and I love chocolates.”

Stay warm!

Ms. Wong

Star Students

Star Students were recognized on Wednesday for the respect that they showed. Students in Ms. Haynes class arranged for a special “star teacher” award for her as well! Congratulations to: Bindhi, Ephrim, Haya, Maru, Ryan, Sebastain, Taya and Ms. Haynes 🙂



PEF News


Keep reading and recording minutes read through Sunday. Stuck inside because of another blizzard?  Great time to catch up on your reading!  Donations and packets are due next Friday, the 20th. Friends and family can make online sponsorship donations at www.polarisducationalfoundation.org/read


The Auction invitations are printed and ready to be sent!  If you know of family members, friends, or local business people who might be interested in coming, please send their names and addresses to Sarah Shor.  

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for April 10th at 6:30 at The Yard!  We’ve received some amazing donations for the auction this year, and we’ll be sharing some of them with you over the next few weeks. Rye Airfield Skatepark for two, including equipment rental; McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, admission for two; admission for two to the Salem (Massachusetts) Witch Museum. More exciting auction items will be listed here next week!


Painting Party enrichment registration opens tomorrow at noon. 

Painting Party with Beck’s Art Express Single Day -1:15-2:30 PM Wed., Mar. 18th Come create a beautiful painting of a bird in the moonlight! The teacher will work with you step by step to create this beautiful painting and learn the basics of how to handle and control the paint as well as blending. http://www.artsexpressnh.com/ $10/student $3.00 materials fee. (min. 5, max. 12)


Upcoming Events:

Double Feature Movie Night – Saturday, March 21st, 2:30 -7 PM

PEF Meetings – for the rest of the school year (all at 7 PM at the school):

Thursday, 02/19
Friday 03/20

Thursday 04/16

Friday 05/15

The June meeting date is TBD.

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