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Week Ending 2/06/15

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School Choice/State House Visit

Last Friday, our Intermediate classes had the opportunity to attend a School Choice event and then tour the State House. Students also were able to meet Governor Hassan which rarely happens during school tours. I heard from many that our kids were very well behaved!

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More Simple Machines 

The Primary classes all worked together on Thursday building an inclined plane with paper, tape, scissors and paper towel rolls that would allow a marble to pass through. They were very excited and did a fantastic job.

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February’s Core Value is Respect and we began discussing it on Wednesday. Respect includes how you feel about someone and how you treat them. We then talked about ways we show respect. Some of the ways students came up with were: showing someone you care, giving them personal space, no hitting or yelling and following the rules.



  • We do have school on Monday, February 16th
  • There will be no school on March 13th as staff are attending the annual New Hampshire Public Charter School Association Best Practices Conference
  • Please use your own discretion regarding your children’s attendance at school when the weather is poor.  The late arrival/absence will be excused. Many of our students ride the Manchester buses (which is why we do our best to match Manchester’s schedule whenever possible).  If Polaris delayed when Manchester was not delayed those students would not have bus transport to school.

Mrs. Fesh’s Class Share

Mrs. Fesh’s class shared about how the primary classes got together on Thursday to build inclined planes.  Each student worked with someone they had not worked with before.  Then each of her students read a sentence they had written about why they were unique and special.  Molly talked about her idea to create blank puzzle pieces which everyone in the class decorated, and then put together to show how we are all different, yet fit together perfectly!!



How Government Works

Student in Mrs. Rainey’s class have been working hard learning about how the federal government. First, we started by learning about the three branches of government that were developed in The Constitution. We talked about who is in each branch, the terms they serve and what their job is. We also talked about checks and balances. Then students got to choose a role in the federal government that they wanted to have. In small groups they researched the process for having this role in the federal government. Students created posters to teach others about these processes. Then, those who ran for President, Vice President, Senate and House of Representative were responsible for filling out actual candidiate paperwork. We even got these notarized! They also got personal checks and were responsible for writing a check to their town hall. Next, instead of doing political parties, students chose three issues to be for or against. The three issues they chose are: bringing electronics to school, optional outdoor recess and homework.Then came the speech writing. We learned about elements of effective speech writing and all positions were responsible for writing a speech. The President, VP, Senate and House gave their speeches to the class before we had a primary election. The students know that the VP is chosen at the National Convention, but we chose to have VP’s give their speeches now so that Presidential candidiates could start considering a running mate. The last few weeks, we have been focused on campaigning. We watched “Sunshine” an ad for Charlie Crist and “In a box” an ad for Darius Foster. We talked about important elements of campaign speeches. Students are now working on scripts for campaign ads and once they are completed and approved by me, they are working on filming these ads. These ads will be played before our national convention, debates and general election.

In the coming weeks, we will have a national convention, where the presidential candidates will choose a running mate. From there, we will have debates and a general election. After that, Supreme Court Justices and Cabinet members will be appointed by the president and approved by the senate. Once we have our government formed, then we will go to work on trying to pass a bill on one of our issues. 

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Chinese Paradise

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those parents who are generous in supporting our Chinese New Year projects/presentation in donating items to our classes.  I am still in need of the following items:

-8 red table clothes (can be plastic)
-Chinese fans
-Red art/craft papers
-Fortune cookies
-CLEAR liquid glue (Elmer’s glue)

This week, some of our classes are learning a Chinese New Year son and they are doing great on it.

Stay safe!

Ms. Wong

Art Room

In our printmaking exploration, we will be doing some collagraphs.  The older students will be making linoleum block carvings, at some point before or after.

Collagraphs are a very creative medium that can be done on at all ages and levels–simply or intricately. The results and process involve learning by doing and experimenting!

We will be looking to gather a variety of textures to glue on to our boards. Anything that can be glued to mat board, and is approximately 1/8″ thick, is usable. 

Examples are: 

string, cardboard (I have this small textured version), felt cleaners, rice, lentils, some laces and rick-rack, paperclips, sponge, flat pebbles, bottle caps, buttons, papers, twigs, grasses, plastic building/decorating discards such that can be cut and have texture…you get the idea.  As long as it is safe for us to cut with scissors and can be glued down–nothing sharp.  

Please send in ASAP and we will get going when we have enough. I am saving scraps of foam and other art materials as well. 

Thank you,

Miss Jeanne

Star Students

Since last week was so short, we did not hand out star student certificates.


PEF News

GameWright Game Night is this Sunday from 1 to 4 PM at the school. Come hang out with Polaris friends, and try out some new games! The Polaris Destination Imagination team will be having a bake sale during the event to raise money for Manchester soup kitchens.

Read-a-Thon continues until February 15th. Funds are due February 20th. The primary goal of the Read-a-Thon is to encourage reading; fundraising is the secondary goal. There will be prizes for the class with the highest total number of minutes read! http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/read/

3rd Annual Auction: Friday, April 10th, 6:30 PM at The Yard

Local and regional businesses have donated auction items that are sure to pique your interest! The PEF will begin revealing some of the items in this space over the coming weeks.

Upcoming Events:

Game Night – Sunday, February 8th, 1:00-4:00

Double Feature Movie Night – Saturday, March 21st, 2:30 -7 PM

Meetings – for the rest of the school year (all at 7 PM at the school):

Thursday 02/19
Friday 03/20

Thursday 04/16

Friday 05/15

The June meeting date is TBD.

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