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Week Ending 1/30/15

star boy

Congressman Guinta

Frank Guinta supports school choice and he stopped by on Thursday to see our school in action. He observed students during project time and in math. He encouraged the kids to ask questions and he asked several of his own.  He also told students said that if they ever travel to Washington, D.C. to call his office and he will arrange a tour for them (and an ice cream as well!).

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Information Session

The last information session is this Sunday, February 1st at 1:00 pm. If you know of any families that are interested in Polaris, please have them email Liz Putnam at e.putnam@polarischarterschool.org or call the office at 634-0034 to RSVP.  Attendance at an Information Session is mandatory for new families. If your child is interested in being a Tour Guide also let Liz know.



It was a short week but a very busy one! We enjoyed a wonderful video/song sent to me by Nevaeh at Morning Gathering this week. It featured Matty B who wrote a rap sung to the tune of Cindy Lauper’s True Colors for his little sister who has Down Syndrome.  You can view it here:

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On Monday, Devansh’s mom visited Ms. Haynes classroom to present about Nepal and their culture. We learned about two of their special holidays and the activities that accompany them. Thank you Luna for sharing this with us!

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Noah and Joshy’s grandma Anita Levy came to Ms. Gilbert’s and Mrs. Fesh’s class to share some Chanukah traditions. The children learned an Israeli dance, made applesauce, and a book mark and learned the dreydel game. They then gathered together to eat prepared Potato Latkes (pancakes). Applesauce and sour cream are traditional toppings for them and the applesauce made by the students was served.

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Mrs. Dudley’s Class Share

Today, Mrs. Dudley’s class taught us about polymers and demonstrated how they work using plastic baggies, water and pencils.  Students filled the baggies halfway with water and then with a sharpened pencil, poked it all the way through the bag out to the other side. Did water leak out?  No, because the plastic baggies are made of polymers. Polymers are long chains of molecules. The pencils poked through the long chains and the bag sealed itself around the pencil and kept the water from spilling.

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Chinese Paradise

Dear Parents,

This week’s focus was to incorporate what we learned from the last week on how to say “congratulations”and write the character in Chinese. Some of the students even got to start a project on writing the words onto are papers and soon they are going to decorate them and display them as part of the Chinese New Year celebration in our school.

For Intermediate classes, we are also starting to form groups to do a project on Chinese New Year. Please ask your students about it.

Talking about Chinese New Year, our classes are still looking for your generous donations on items that are related to Chinese New Year.  For example: 8 red table covers, Chinese fans, lanterns, chopsticks, liquid glue, red art papers and fortune cookies. You are also welcome to Google and find out more items that you want to donate for Chinese New Year presentations from our students. Thank you!

Have a safe weekend!

Ms. Wong

Art Room

This week and last we are working on printmaking, weather permitting! More to come.

I want to enclose two links–

One is for a book that students, especially primary, may enjoy The Old Man Mad About Drawing.  This is a tender short chapter book written from the perspective of a young boy in Japan, 1830s; the famous print-maker Hokusai winds up as his mentor.  In story form you learn about life in Japan, and printmaking, and how integral art was to their culture.  Great illustrations.  Available at libraries!  


Star Students

This week’s star students who showed acceptance of diversity were: Courtney, Crosby, Gaby, Izzy, Jennifer, Joshy and Myleigh.


PEF News

Information about the Read-a-Thon went home with students yesterday or today, so ask your child to show you the form. We hope that avid readers will share their love of reading with classmates and friends, and reluctant readers will be inspired to explore the wonderful worlds available through books!

Upcoming Events:

Game Night – Sunday, February 8th, 1:00-4:00

Double Feature Movie Night – Saturday, March 21st, 2:30 -7 PM

PEF Auction – Friday, April 10, 6:30 to 11:30


The third annual Polaris Read-a-Thon will be from February 2nd to 15th. 

To get you started, we polled the kids to come up with a list of favorite books to recommend. If you want to buy some of these books, go to http://astore.amazon.com/polariseducat-20.

For more information, go to www.polariseducationalfoundation.org/read.

Meetings – for the rest of the school year (all at 7 PM at the school):

Thursday 02/19
Friday 03/20
Thursday 04/16
Friday 05/15
The June meeting date is TBD.


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