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Week Ending 1/16/15

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Re-Enrollment for Next Year

The deadline for re-enrolling/enrolling your child(ren) is January 23rd, 2015.  You must do so by logging in to our student information system (SIS) and clicking on re-enroll. You will also be able to add a sibling during this process.  A Polaris Application must be downloaded at the end of the online process and completed for new students only. Family’s usernames and passwords for accessing the SIS were emailed separately on Thursday.  The re-enrollment form can be found at https://app.sycamoreeducation.com/enroll.php?schoolid=2024 (click). Instructions can be viewed here.

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Information Session

Our next information session is on Saturday, January 24th at 10:00 am.  If you know of any families that are interested in Polaris, please have them email Liz Putnam at e.putnam@polarischarterschool.org or call the office at 634-0034 to RSVP.  Attendance at an Information Session is mandatory for new families. If your child is interested in being a Tour Guide also let Liz know.

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We began our week by reading the book Incredible You! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer with Krisitina Tracy during Morning Gathering. It addressed 10 ways to let greatness shine through and discussion questions followed. We read this poem on Wednesday:

Our School Family

Our family comes
From many towns:
Our hair is straight
Our hair is curled
Our eyes are blue,
Our skins are different colors too.
We’re girls and boys,
We’re big and small,
We’re short and tall.
We’re everything
That we can be
And still we are
A family.
We laugh and cry,
We work and play,
We help each other
Every day.
The world’s a lovely
Place to be
Because we are
A family.
-Meghan Webb 

On Thursday we learned that many of our students speak other languages in addition to English.  Some of these are: Amharic, Arabic, Nepalese, Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish 

Hafsa in Mrs.Rainey’s class has volunteered to teach the class Urdu, a language in Pakistan. So far they have learned: Hello, Bye, Sister, Brother, and Puppy. Challenge your kids to review these words with you.


I would like to invite any parent, grandparent or student to visit our classrooms during January to share information about their culture, customs, special holidays or history. Please contact Jen if you are interested.

Library Needs

We are still looking to add to our library. You can view the wish list here.


Star Students

Our students from last week were recognized on Monday for their actions that showed acceptance.  Congratulations to: Ava, Daniel, Dominick, Giuli, Joe, Mikail, Sarah and Temperance!


Simple Machines

Students in Mrs. Dudley’s class began learning about simple machines. This week they learned about the wheel and axle and inclined plane. They made cars out of simple materials and then measured how far they traveled after rolling down the inclined plane. One of the cars traveled an impressive 34″! 

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Chinese Language Paradise

Dear Parents,

As you have heard, our students are in the process of preparing to learn and do a few projects on Chinese New Year. Any donation in reference to Chinese New Year is welcome and appreciated.  For example: red envelopes/packets, Chinese lanterns, Chinese fans, red colored art papers and a lot of fortune cookies!

This week, your students are learned how to say winter words.

Have a good weekend!

Ms. Wong

Art Room Update

This week and last we looked at the work of M.C. Escher, particularly his patterns and work with tessellations and transformations. The play with perception was fun to look at and try to figure out.

The Primary classes made some of their own patterns in grids and used tessellation stencils to create a new pattern.

The Intermediate classes created their own tessellations; then put those in repeat by tracing around them.  Some intermediate classes then pinned their work up and we had a class “critique” of works.   The students rose to the challenge of looking at the work objectively, commenting in terms of color, theme, etc.

Escher was also a master printmaker, in precision and skill.  We will soon move on to printmaking.

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Art on Winter Weekends

Many of you know about the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester.  Keep the Museum in mind for activities with your kids these cold weekend days! 

There are Creative Studio activities each month where kids can make a project (…Valentines  in February…) . On Super Saturdays there has been a magician, a storyteller, puppet performance and so on.  In-between, you can see a little art!  See Family Activities.

Many town libraries have free passes for this museum and others; children under twelve are always free at the CMA. 

For Art Classes at any age, check out the offerings at the museum’s friendly
Art Center, around the corner.  


Mrs. Rainey’s Class Share

This trimester in Mrs. Rainey’s class, we are learning about how the U.S. Government works. We are doing a simulation, where students will get to experience what it is like to have a job in one of the three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Last week, we learned about the three branches of government, specific roles within the branches and the length of terms that are served. This week, students worked in small groups to look up the process of having the role that they want to play in the simulation. 

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PEF News

All fundraising this school year goes toward the Playspace Improvement Campaign. Here’s a link to the letter which you can share with friends and family. You can read the letter here.



  • Auction Committee meeting, Friday January 16th, 5:00 pm
  • PEF meeting, Friday January 16th, 6:00 pm

Dine Out at Skinny’s 

Want an excuse not to cook dinner? How about for a good cause? Raise money for the PEF by ordering takeout, dining in (small seating area) or even delivery for any meal from Thursday, January 22nd to Saturday, January 24th at Skinny’s. Just simply state you are with Polaris before placing your order and 15 percent of the bill will go back to the PEF. www.skinnyspizzaria.com.

Game Night
Sunday, February 8th, TBA

PEF Auction
Save the date and spread the word! The PEF Auction will be the evening of April 10 at The Yard in Manchester. Details will be coming soon.

Registration opens this weekend for the following Enrichment classes:

Jewelry Making (a one-day class on Feb. 4th):  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10Mu_Ovvoe1FjclEqNkFtrwJOvwJUIePjcI8Wj5K3sfs/edit#

Weird Science (a four-week class beginning Feb. 11th):  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Rsntfu-wcrdxc0bVHnYFTbk7mVZtDOrIxJ_JkKJVuG0/edit#

This is a repeat of the previous Weird Science (held in Fall 2014). Possible activities include:

  • Microscope exploration 
  • DNA extraction from a strawberry
  • Yeast’s role in baking
  • The effect of exercise on heart rate
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