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Week Ending 1/09/15

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Re-Enrollment for Next Year

The deadline for re-enrolling/enrolling your child(ren) is January 23rd, 2015.  You must do so by logging in to our student information system (SIS) and clicking on re-enroll. You will also be able to add a sibling during this process.  A Polaris Application must be downloaded at the end of the online process and completed for new students only. Family’s usernames and passwords for accessing the SIS were emailed separately on Thursday.  The re-enrollment form can be found at https://app.sycamoreeducation.com/enroll.php?schoolid=2024 (click). Instructions can be viewed here.

As Spencer says, it is the best lottery he could ever have won! 🙂

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Information Session

Our next information session is on Wednesday, January 14th at 6:30pm.  If you know of any families that are interested in Polaris, please have them email Liz Putnam at e.putnam@polarischarterschool.org or call the office at 634-0034 to RSVP.  Attendance at an Information Session is mandatory for new families. If your child is interested in being a Tour Guide also let Liz know.


This week, we began our discussions about diversity and acceptance during Morning Gathering. Diversity means that there are lots of different kinds of things. Just like there are different models of cars, trees, types of jobs, etc., there is diversity among people. We have differences in where we come from, our cultural traditions, the way we look and the things we like and dislike. We are going to learn about these and celebrate our uniqueness. Tuesday we read the book Is There Really a Human Race? by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell. Wednesday morning we watched the video for the song I’m A lot Like You by Frank Nemiroff. The message of the song is inclusion, diversity and acceptance. You can play it here. On Thursday, we read the poem Human Family by Maya Angelou.

I would like to invite any parent, grandparent or student to visit our classrooms during January to share information about their culture, customs, special holidays or history. Please contact Jen if you are interested.


Students in Ms. Gilbert’s class made paper lanterns.  Each child picked a country and on their lantern they wrote what the word for ‘hello’ was there and then shared it with their classmates. Some of the words they learned were:  geia sas, bonjour, hola, namaste, chou and guten tag.

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Chinese Language and Cultural Paradise

Dear Parents,

Happy 2015! From now on your children are starting to learn about Chinese cultural to incorporate with the language. Talking about culture, this week they watched a video about two Chinese kids who lived in different living styles and in different provinces.  After the video, we talked about the differences in the two kids’ lives.

We are also in the process of preparing to learn about Chinese New Year which is going to start on February 19, 2015 for this year.  Please let me know if you want to participate in this big event by volunteering and/or donating anything which relates to Chinese New Year.  For example, some RED craft papers or a bag of fortune cookies. I would need these items by the end of January.

My email address is desiree_wong18@yahoo.com should you have any questions.

Thank you!

Ms. Wong


Art Room Update

In mid-December we learned about an early Impressionist, then Abstract artist, Wassily Kandinsky. We followed his example by making squares with colorful concentric circles inside, then arranging them together in a bigger square. This is very like his 1913 painting, Color of Squares. This student work is on display in four boards, downstairs in the Art Room and gathering room. The students’ individual work came together beautifully in these displays!

This week and next we are learning about M.C. Escher, making patterns and tessellations.

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PEF News

Parent Coffee
9:00 am January 10th at Moe Joe’s

Monthly PEF Meeting
7:00 pm January 16th

Dine Out at Skinny’s 

Want an excuse not to cook dinner? How about for a good cause? Raise money for the PEF by ordering takeout, dining in (small seating area) or even delivery for any meal from Thursday, January 22nd to Saturday, January 24th at Skinny’s. Just simply state you are with Polaris before placing your order and 15 percent of the bill will go back to the PEF. www.skinnyspizzaria.com.

PEF Auction
Save the date and spread the word! The PEF Auction will be the evening of April 10 at The Yard in Manchester. Details will be coming soon.
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