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The Week Ending 10/24/14

Polaris Star

Student Intern

Polaris is very fortunate to have a student from Making Community Connections (MC2) working in Ms. Haynes class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Keisha is in Phase II of her program and her goal is to eventually become a Grade 4 teacher. She has jumped right in with the students and is working on creating a lesson to share with our Intermediate classes. We are delighted to partner with MC2 and hope do more of this in the future!



An Opportunity For Polaris Families

Title I money is the largest single federal funding source for education. This supplemental funding aims to meet the needs of at risk and low-income students. It can be used for hiring teachers, providing tutoring, increasing parental involvement, professional development and purchasing materials and supplies.

Students are considered low-income if they qualify for a Free or Reduced Lunch.  Although Polaris Charter School does not offer a school lunch program, we still need parents to submit a Free and Reduced Lunch application in order to receive this funding.

In addition, those families who qualify for the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program are eligible for low-cost Internet access from Comcast. This includes:

  • Fast home Internet for just $9.95 a month + tax
  • No price increases, no activation fees, or equipment rental fee
  • A computer available at initial enrollment for just $149.99 + tax
  • Access to free Internet training – online, in print and in classroom
  • For more information go to: http://www.internetessentialspartner.com/

Please review the application here and complete it if your family meets the income guidelines. Place your completed application in a sealed envelope and address it to Jennifer Murdock-Smith. Your information will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. It needs to be returned by October 30th.

Thank you!


Halloween/Fall Dress Up

The Polaris staff has decided that the school will celebrate Halloween/Fall Dress Up on Wednesday, October 29th. Students are welcome to wear costumes to school on this day with a few exceptions: NO FACE MAKEUP, NO FAKE BLOOD, NO WEAPONS, NO SCARY MASKS.  If you do not want your child to participate that is perfectly fine.  Other options to consider might be to allow your child to dress up as their favorite book character or wear comfy pj’s to school.

Please keep in mind that the school is encouraging healthy snacks for our classroom celebrations; however, if you are going to send in a Halloween themed “treat” please NO FOOD COLORING and NO CANDY.  Also keep in mind that we do have children with a gluten allergy so please take that into consideration.

Core Value – Friendship

We had a lot more great discussions about friendship. On Tuesday, we watched the Pixar short film For the Birds. In the film, a group of small blue birds are sitting on a wire. Then a large, awkward looking bird attempts to join them. The small birds respond by making fun of his looks and move away from him. Eventually the large bird moves into the middle of all of them. Its weight causes the wire to sag almost to the ground and all the small birds slide down toward it. As the large bird keeps trying to make friends, the small ones try to push it off the wire and it loses its balance and hangs upside down by its feet. The two small birds nearest the center start pecking at its toes, encouraged by the rest. Eventually the large bird’s toe slides off, the wire snaps upward and flings all the small birds out of sight. They eventually fall to the ground missing all of their feathers. The film illustrates that we should not bully someone based on their looks – it hurts us in the end. Along the same line, on Wednesday I showed the kids a kiwi and asked them to describe it. It was “brown,” “hairy,” – generally not very nice looking on the outside.  However when it was sliced open, inside was a fruit that was a beautiful green. We discussed the expression “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” It is what is on the inside that counts and we need to take the time to discover the beauty inside others.  On Thursday, we listened to the song “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor. We played really close attention to the lyrics!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.39.12 AM

This week, Ms. Murdock-Smith visited all of the classrooms and read the book Superflex© Takes on Rock Brain and the Team of Unthinkables…A New Beginning© by Stephanie Madrigal. It is part of a curriculum and emphasizes “Social Thinking©” or thinking about others.  Ask your child about the Team of Unthinkables©.  See if they recognizes times when they take over their brains and how flexible thinking can help them manage our actions!



Ms. Haynes’s Share Day

Amana and Maverick shared their I Am project at morning gathering on Friday. Words that described themselves were written in a large letter “I.”  Some of these were: friendly, adventurous, lover of Chinese, creative, generous and mindful.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (2)


Sirus and Maverick also explained how their class has also been learning about the process of publishing a book. They have spent the last two months completing research to get as much information as they can because their end goal is to publish some of their own work! The class is going to create one book together that they are going to publish through Scholastic Treasures, and then they will each individually try to get some of their work published either online or through other publishing programs. Wish them good luck!

FullSizeRender (1)

Ms. Haynes class also shared a song that Ethan wrote this this week.  It went like this:

N-E-W-T-O-N-I-A-N spells newtonian, newtonian
Thats the only normal type of liquid, liquid
Man who made it must have been really gifted, gifted
N-E-W-T-O-N-I-A-N you see
Its a liquid in the sink
Guaranteed to make you think
Its a newtonian fluid!


Star Students

Our Star Students were recognized on Monday for their acts of friendship.  Congratulations to: Cole, Crosby, Dory, Mayla, Noah, Sirus, Skylar, Toby and Wren.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender


Chinese Language Paradise

This week, we are reviewing numbers from one to five and learned six to ten. We are also learning how to write numbers from one to five in Chinese characters stroke by stroke in their right orders. The kids had a lot of fun writing them.  Please ask them to show you their work.  Thank you!

PEF News

Thanks to all who made the North Star Dance a success! Polaris students and their special adults danced, did crafts, ate, and enjoyed the party atmosphere. Special thanks to organizer Jayme Putnam, DJ Nancy Dumais, and photographer Bob Falco.

Upcoming Events:

PEF meetings are scheduled for Friday, November 21 and Thursday, December 18th at 7 PM at the school.

Annual Thanksgiving Potluck – Saturday, November 15, 5 PM at the school.

Giving 360 – Saturday, November 22, 10:30 AM to 1 PM. Details to come.


Registration opens Saturday, October 25 for Homemade Cosmetics. Here’s the registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UbOjEXkeDGUrHkXpwebYZjdy0FpeuENPGONjdvxgxfA/closedform. Financial assistance is available and confidential; contact Thuy Mancebo (thuymancebo@gmail.com) for details. Check out the Enrichment Brochure (http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/enrichment/) for other upcoming activities.

Pizza Fridays:

Monthly ordering will begin in November! Weekly orders will still be accepted every Thursday. Monthly orders will only be accepted on the FIRST Thursday of each month. The order form is here.

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