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The Week Ending 10/17/14

Polaris Star

Welcome Back/Thank You 

This week Mrs. Fesh returned to Polaris following her maternity leave.  Her students were very excited to meet her and the transition has gone very smoothly!  We appreciate all the wonderful work that Ms. Brown did while subbing and we are happy that she is going to be here for a while longer as our Art teacher.

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  • If you shop on Amazon and use smile.amazon, you can declare Polaris or PEF as the organization to donate to.

  • Please do not park on Coolidge or Cartier St. and walk into the school to pick up your child during dismissal.


    A Request From the School Library

We have more books than we can shelve, so we don’t need big donations right now. BUT we have some great series that are incomplete. The missing books are listed in a spreadsheet. If anyone has copies of these books in good condition that you’re willing to donate to the school, please add your name to the spreadsheet in the donation column. We only need one copy of each because there’s no room for more. Thanks!


Core Value – Friendship

This week we talked about empathy and the important role it has in being a good friend.  The children learned that empathy is the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes, or see things from another’s point of view.



Ms. Gilbert’s Share Day

Students in Ms. Gilbert’s class shared that their class has been working on a “Positive Thoughts” wall hanging for our classroom. As a class, we generated a list of words that remind us of happy or good thoughts (imagine, dream, create, etc). Each student picked a word from our list that felt special to them and then displayed it on a 10″X12″ poster decal. We combined the poster decals to form a class wall hanging that is located next to our “writing center”. The purpose of the wall hanging is to inspire those working at the center to reach for their true potential and to always do their best work.

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Star Students

Our Star Students who showed what great friends they were last week were: Alex, Alyssa, Joey, Lucas, Mayla, Molly and Sarah.  Nice job!

IMG_1389 IMG_1392

 Art Class News

This week in art students continued expanding on Cubist techniques that Pablo Picasso was known for. Students were given small wooden geometric shapes like a hexagon and triangle and made original designs by combining the different shapes together, tracing them with pencil and creating a unique result. The tracing took a lot of persistence and manual dexterity, but the students were very focused on the lesson and produced some amazing artwork!



PEF News

This Weekend!

Remember the North Star Dance is October 18th at 6:00 PM, at the school. Even if you have not RSVP’d, you can still come.

Next Weekend!

A belated back to school pot-luck bbq/bonfire/games is on the calendar for October 25th at the Dumais home. 3-8 PM. Would love to see you there; RSVP to Nancy at ro1guat2@gmail.com Sign up for food here: http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/qmdaj

Also, it gets dark early now, so have the kids bring a labeled flashlight for a good game of flash light tag at the party.


Thanksgiving Potluck: We will be having a Thanksgiving Pot Luck on Saturday, November 15th at 5:00 PM.


 We invite Polaris families to experience the entire cycle of giving as we help Shire Share (an organization that delivers over 1300 Thanksgiving meals to those in need at Thanksgiving). The school will host a food drive, and will have opportunities to bag meals on November 15th from 10 AM to 12:30 PM.  We also will need volunteers to copy and hand write a Thanksgiving message to put in our donated items bags.

Details and sign ups for GIVING 360 will be available next week.


Registration opens Saturday, October 17th at noon for a one-day Pottery Painting enrichment. Follow this link to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16lLRjNnwyj8Xe0XmZpZb3LweM6JkEu3HvTjGobpVEAI/closedformHere is a link to the flyer.

Shoebox Recycling is back! We collect gently used shoes and send them to a company that distributes them to micro businesses in the third world.  We get a donation for every pound of shoes, your shoes get a new life and stay out of landfills, and small business get valuable inventory.  It’s win/win/win!

The collection box is at the bottom of the front stairs on the Coolidge St. side of the building. Send in your gently used, re-usable shoes.  Most shoes are acceptable (adult and child) with the exception of Heavy winter boots, skates, flip flops, and slippers. Click here for a flyer that shows what is and isn’t acceptable. Go to shoeboxrecycling.com for more info.

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