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The Week Ending 9/19/14

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Science in Ms. Vlasich’s Class 

Ms. Vlasich’s class is conducting a (Ms. V as she is affectionately known), Science activity examining growth and change in plants.  Plants develop just as we grow and change which is connected to our focus of Who Am I this trimester.   We are observing what is important for lima beans to grow, making daily observations in our plant journals, identifying the parts of the plant and their functions. Students are also identifying different leaves and their varied underlying structure.





We had more fun building our school community this week.  On Wednesday, we listened to the song Get Together by the Youngbloods.  On Thursday, Miss Arielle visited us to talk about Yoga Enrichment that will be running Oct. 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12.  Registration begins Saturday September 20th at noon.  We got to practice some yoga poses and we greeted each other by saying Namaste, which means the light in me sees the light in you. Thank you Miss Arielle!

This Friday, it was Mrs. Rainy’s class turn to share their learning.  Juju, D’caury and Hafsa shared their bio poems  and Charlotte read two chapters of a story she is writing.


What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obiviously.  But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured. – Kurt Vonnegut

  Please Help 

We still need your donations of peanut butter and jelly!  As a reminder, Polaris is hosting a this drive to benefit the Somersworth branch of the program End 68 Hours of Hunger. This program supplies students, who would otherwise go hungry, with enough food to make it through the approximately 68 hours between when students receive their free lunch at school on Fridays and their free breakfast at school on Mondays.  The Somersworth branch alone feeds over 100 students every weekend that would otherwise go hungry. Please send in plastic containers, and the peanut butter should be the smaller sized containers.

For more information about the program End 68 Hours of Hunger you can visit end68hoursofhunger.org or go to the Facebook page “End 68 Hours of Hunger Somersworth.”


Star Students

Last week’s Star Students were recognized on Monday for their contribution toward creating their classroom community.  Way to go: Alanna, Andrew, Devansh, Frank, Hafsa, Maru, Mohammed and Peter.

IMG_1013 IMG_1020

Volunteer Hours

We want to thank all of the volunteers who have been working so hard to provide experiences, support and materials to our staff and families.  You are all doing a great job! We want to be sure we keep track of all the time you are putting in, at school and at home, so we can credit you towards the 10-hour family volunteering quota.  We have a Volunteer Service Time log in the front office where you can fill in a sheet with your information and keep track of the time you are spending. If you are doing work at home, feel free to take a log home with you so you can track that time as well. We would love estimates of time spent over the summer in addition to time since school started.  We use our records of volunteer time to support requests for grants and to show the strong support we have as a community to make our “school of choice” strong. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michelle Mathieu in the front office at 634-0034 or at m.mathieu@polarischarterschool.org.

 Art Class News

The featured artist of the month for September is Vincent Van Gogh. This week students were inspired by both his famous painting, “Sunflowers” painted in 1889 as well as some real sunflowers! His “Sunflowers” painting fetched over 39 million dollars at auction a few years ago!

Mrs. Rose


Message From Mandarin Chinese

Welcome to our Mandarin Chinese Corner!  Parents, thank you for letting me introduce Chinese culture and language to your children this year.  They have been doing great for the last three weeks!  So far, we have been learning basic greetings like hello, good-bye, my Chinese teacher’s name and my name is ________ and how about you?  We also learned about the Autumn Moon Festival and we watched a video on how to make moon cake.

Next week, we are learning about immediate family members so please have your child bring in a picture to do show and tell.  Thank you!

Ms. Wong

A Glimpse Into Music 

Primary students have learned the song This Little Light of Mine and each child has shared a way they let their light shine. They also came up with an example of how they have shined their light by helping others.  Intermediate students found the music notes in their name, made a song and then played it on the xylophone. The activities tied in well with this Trimester’s theme of Who am I?

Ms. Dan

PEF News

The PEF is meeting on Friday, September 19th at 7 PM at the school.

Prior to the PEF meeting, at 6:15 PM on Friday, there will be a Destination Imagination information session for parents. If you are interested in DI, an enrichment offered from November through March, please attend this information session.

School picture day is Wednesday, September 24th. Send no money now! The order form was sent home last week for your information. Additional order forms will be available if you have misplaced yours. Orders will be placed once you have seen the photo proofs – a week or more after picture day.

Ric Dumais has volunteered to run a Ham Radio club. Polaris has received a grant and donations of equipment to make this possible. An information session will be held next week; stay tuned for details!


Buddy Time

Students in Miss Brown’s and Mrs. Rainey’s paired with a buddy and made bookmarks. It was a great opportunity for primary and intermediate to get to know each other.

 IMG_1047 IMG_1046 IMG_1045 IMG_1042 IMG_1041

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