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June 6/16/14

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Have a Wonderful Summer!!


Field Day

The weather report did not look great but we lucked out and had a fabulous day!  Thank you very much to the parents and grandparents that volunteered to help – you saved the day!!  Also, thank you Mr. Feller for planning all of the fun activities and to teachers for supervising them.

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Year End 

It is hard to believe that this school year is coming to a close.  We hate to say good bye to our students moving on to middle school!!  We recognized them at Monday’s Morning Gathering.  Each student was presented with a certificate and a little memento.

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“Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars.”

-Harriet Tubman


I know that many are anxious to know what teacher your child will have next year and unfortunately, we do not have that information finalized yet.  We are working to have it as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience.

New Teacher

We are very excited to announce that we have hired a new teacher.  Please welcome Lisa Vlasich!  Her name may sound familiar because she has been working at Polaris this year as an Educational Assistant in the Primary classrooms.  Lisa Vlasich taught in multi-age classrooms before she took time off to raise her three sons.  She has become an important member of our staff and we are going to benefit from the experience and ideas that she brings to Polaris.

Star Students

This week’s star students were: Ally, Amana, Evan and Sarah.  Ms. Verrill and Ms. Sargent gave special recognition to their entire classes.




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June 17th: P/T/S Conference

August 23rd:  Back to School Celebration/Conferences

September 2nd: First day of school


Please be sure to check around the house and encourage your children to check their bags for Polaris library books.  We are hoping to have all books returned to the library by Tuesday of next week so we have time to log them back in.


We still have many items in our lost and found!  Please stop in the gathering when you are here for conferences to look through the bin.  All items not picked up by Tuesday, June 17 will be donated.

PEF News

As a reminder, the PEF master calendar is available on the PEF web site (http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/calendar) and it can be subscribed to. It is the best way to keep informed about upcoming events.

Fable Plays

Students in Ms. Verrill’s class put on plays that were based on fables.  Their rehearsals involved cooperation and teamwork in order to make props and (if desired) memorize their lines!

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Students in Ms. Petzold’s class each chose a bird to research.  They learned the steps to take to find information about them in books and online. Next they completed an informational writing piece where they had to put the information they found into their own words.  Finally, they looked at their birds’ measurements – wing span, height and weight – and created a 3D model to scale.  Their outcomes were so impressive!!

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Our own Georgia attended last week’s board meeting to present her ideas for our playground.  For one of her projects this year, she and Amana surveyed students regarding their preferred playground equipment and then produced a scale model displaying the results.

As far as the Polaris play area goes, we are still focused on creating a safe and sustainable surface for the play area. The surfacing we have tried over the past couple of years has not worked out and we have been investigating rubber surface, paving or a combination of the two. We are not currently considering any play structures though we love the creative input from our students!

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