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Week Ending 5/25/14

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Annual Surveys

photo 3Please help us! As Polaris Charter School plans for our third year of operation, it is very important that we get your input.  You can share your views by completing our survey.  Your responses are confidential but you may share your name if you’d like.  We need to learn what we are doing well and where we can improve.  If you have more than one child attending Polaris, please complete a survey for each child.  It should only take a few minutes of your time.  You can access it by clicking here.

We also need your feedback on the PEF and the activities that have been held. Please complete this survey as well by clicking here. Thank you!


Ms. Sargent shared a story about one of her former students named Sam on Monday. He was diagnosed with cancer in 5th grade and he had recurrences in 6th and 7th grade as well. She recently learned that he was losing his battle with his disease. Despite every obstacle he faced, he smiled and was kind to others. In a recent oratorical competition, one of his peers revealed that he was very nervous about recently becoming diagnosed with diabetes. He said when going to his treatments, he would see Sam and his positive outlook on life eased his nerves. He has been the epitome of our core value of courage and determination.

photoOn Tuesday we discussed three types of behavior: aggressive, passive and assertive.  Aggressive behavior is hurtful to someone else.  Passive behavior is avoiding the problem and letting someone else be disrespectful to you. We should strive toward demonstrating assertive behavior. When we are assertive, we let others know our needs and wants while at the same time considering the needs and wants of others. We do this by using “I messages.” For example, “I have a problem that I need to talk to you about.  When you do ______, I feel ______.”  When we deal with conflict in this manner it is a solution focused respectful way of letting another know how you feel.

We read some more examples of “famous failures” on Wednesday. For example, Dr. Suess’s book was rejected by publishers 23 times.  The 24th time, his book went on to sell six million copies. Babe Ruth held the record for number of home runs for many years.  He also struck out more times than any other baseball player!

photo 4For Thursday’s lesson, an egg was placed in the middle of a glass of uncooked rice.  The egg represents an individual and the rice the crowd.  Each time the “egg” stood up and refused to go along with teasing, excluding, lying, etc. the rim was tapped.  Gradually the egg rose above the rice.  It takes courage to do the right thing when those around you are not.  We need to be like the egg and rise to the top.

Show Choir Performance

Mrs. Cormier and our Show Choir students performed their wonderful show for us! We enjoyed hearing songs from Oliver and Mary Poppins.  Several kids in the audience even joined in on some of the tunes.  The students did an amazing job.  Thank you Mrs. Cormier and Show Choir!

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Star Students

Ava, Chandler, Emmy, Jonas, Jennifer, Lexi and Nathan were his week’s star students who showed courage and determination. Great job!




Monday, May 26th: No school
Wednesday, May 28: Full day of school
Monday, June 2nd: Volunteer appreciation breakfast
Wednesday June 4th: Staff appreciation brunch
Thursday, June 5th: Primary classes field trip
Tuesday, June 10th: Field day
Wednesday June 11th: Full day of school
Monday, June 16th: Last day of school/Early release/P/T/S Conference
Tuesday, June 17th: P/T/S Conference


A big thank you to families who continue to donate supplies to the school!! Your generosity is needed, noted, and appreciated.  For those who have not yet been able to help, below is a list of items we continue to need:

* Paper towels
* Paper plates
* 9 oz paper cups
* Boxes of paper clips
* White copy paper
* Dry erase markers
* Kitchen trash bags (13 gallon)
* AA or AAA batteries

PEF News


Thank you to everyone who came to last night’s PEF meeting, and to everyone who volunteered!  The board for the 2014-2015 school year will be:

Co-Presidents: Ali Ferriero and Brianna Merrill
Vice President: Nancy Dumais
Secretary: Karyn Misenheimer
Treasurer: Meyrick Mancebo
Events Committee Chair: Jayme Putnam
Enrichment Committee Co-Chairs: Arielle Welch and Thuy Mancebo
Fundraising Committee Chair: Sarah Shor
Volunteer Coordinator: Daniela De Los Reyes
Members at Large: Ellie White and Lisa Zonfrillo


Friday, June 13th at 7:00.  This is when the new board will take the the helm.

Science and Poetry

This week students in Ms. Sargent’s class worked on completing their informational brochures and poetry. We had a gallery walk, so that students could share their work and get feedback from their peers!

This week, in Science, we conducted experiments to determine which liquids best dissolve sugar.

We also writer’s share which we have once a month. It gives students a great opportunity to let others hear their work.


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Giving Tuesday

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