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Week Ending 5/09/14

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Our Core Value for the month of May is Courage/Determination.  On Monday we learned that courage is not the absence of fear but rather facing the fear and doing the right thing even if it is hard.

Tuesday, students shared a time when they showed courage.  Getting up on stage for a performance, playing sports and telling the truth were all examples that were discussed.  We agreed that it felt GREAT after.

US_Marshals_with_Young_Ruby_Bridges_on_School_StepsWe listed to the Courage Song on Wednesday.  “I stand up for what I believe is right.  I’m not afraid of what others might think. I’m so happy being who I am.”  You can play the rest of the song here.

Thursday we watched a short video about Ruby Bridges. We discussed afterward the courage that it took this six year old girl of color to to be the first to attend an all white school. There was so much protest over this that Ruby had to be escorted to and from school by U.S. Marshalls. Her bravery paved the way for schools to become integrated.

Thanks to Ms. Haynes and Ms. Petzold’s class, we learned a fun new song on Friday.  It integrated movement with singing and it was a lot of fun!

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I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

Nelson Mandela

Polaris Star Students

This week’s star students who showed courage were: Alanna, Bobby, Emma, Gaby, Maru, Mayla and Sirus. Great job!

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The last day of the science NECAP exam will be administered to 4th grade students only on May 13th.  The testing will occur in the morning and last about 2 hours. Please make every effort to have your child arrive to school on time and be sure that they have a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast.


Due to school cancellations, we have some hours that we need to make up at the end of the school year. Wednesday, May 28 will be a full day of school. Please note that Wednesday, June 11 was already scheduled as a full day of school. The last day of school will be Monday, June 16 and it will be an early release day ending at 12:50. Parent/Teacher Student conferences will be held Monday afternoon and on Tuesday, June 17th.


Show Choir will be presenting Oliver! on Thursday, May 22nd 6:30-7:30pm at the Manchester Library Auditorium – 405 Pine St., Manchester.


There is no need to do a monthly order in June, so please send in rest-of-the-year orders next week if you usually order monthly. If you already paid for May, no worries – feel free to pay for the two weeks in June at any time. Email briannaanddwayn@gmail.com with questions. Beginning with next Friday, May 16, there are 5 pizza Fridays remaining this school year.  Click here for the form.


Do your kids love Legos?  BrickFair NE 2014 is at the Radisson Hotel Manchester this weekend!  May 10th & May 11th from 11am -4pm.  www.brickfair.com


A big thank you to families who continue to donate supplies to the school!!  Your generosity is needed, noted, and appreciated.  For those who have not yet been able to help, below is a list of items we continue to need:

* Paper towels
* Paper plates
* 9 oz paper cups
* Boxes of paper clips
* White copy paper
* Dry erase markers
* Kitchen trash bags (13 gallon)
* AA or AAA batteries

PEF News


The PEF Annual Meeting in May is coming up fast.  We need a whole lot of new blood and help for next year. We’re looking for a new President, Vice President, Events Committee Chair, and Enrichment Committee Chair. Please contact Sarah for more information.


We are raffling off a pair of Red Sox tickets again this year.  The game is July 18th and tickets are $5 each.  The winner will be drawn at the Pancake Brunch on May 18th.  To buy tickets or for more information, go to http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/raffle/.  Please send this out to as many people as you can!


Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 18th!  The PEF will be hosting a Sunday Brunch at Milly’s Tavern.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/events/290278561122164/?ref=4 for details.


Our annual auction fundraiser will have a bunch of great items in it.  It will open online on May 1st, and go for two weeks.  A few items will be held over for bidding at the Brunch event.  Go to http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/get-involved/fundraising/auction/ to see a list of current items.

CHESS WIZARDS: SUMMER CHESS CAMP The PEF is hosting a chess camp this summer at Polaris, provided by Chess Wizards.  It will be offered for two separate sessions: June 23rd – June 27th or July 14th – July 18th, with half-day or full-day options.  The children will participate in an array of games and activities throughout the day. Each child will receive a chess board, a trophy, and a Chess Wizards t-shirt.  Find out more or register at www.chesswizards.com or by phone at 866-949-4386.

From Ms. Sargent’s Class

photoThis week, the intermediate classes were fortunate enough to have Curtis Duggan from ASD join us and teach some students all about computer programming. Many kids were so excited to be able to explore this topic more!

photoIn Ms. Sargent’s class, students began conducting their science experiments. Gus and Ryzek have been doing an experiment about different liquids and their effects on teeth. To simulate teeth, they have been using egg shells. Throughout the week, they have already seen drastic changes on many of their eggs.

photoWe also have been working on metaphors and similes. To practice this, students sketched a favorite character or person and then had to write phrases about them using multiple metaphors and similes.

Bill Duncan

Thank you to parents who contacted your Executive Councilor to ask them not to support Bill Duncan’s nomination to the NH. Board of Education.  Unfortunately, the vote was divided by party lines.  The two Republicans voted against his nomination and the three Democrats voted for his nomination.  Despite this outcome, your involvement was extremely important to the future of charter schools in NH.

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