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Week Ending 4/11/14

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Polaris Pride

At the beginning of the week, Darby proposed her idea of having a Spirit Week to administration and all staff approved!  On Thursday, she announced to the student body that from April 21st-25th, we will unify and celebrate our Polaris Pride!

The schedule is:

  • Monday:   Crazy hair or hat day
  • Tuesday:   80’s day 
  • Wednesday:   Wear school colors day – blue and/or orange
  • Thursday: Backwards day
  • Friday:  Pajama day

Let’s show our Polaris Pride!!


On Monday we continued our discussion of trustworthiness by reading the Aesop fable, “The Bear and the Travelers.”  It is a story of two friends walking down a road together when a bear appeared before them.  One traveler immediately climbed a tree and hid, leaving the other who was unable to climb alone.  That traveler  pretended to pretended to be dead instead.  The bear came over and stiffed him but walked away. The traveler in the tree climbed down and asked is friend what the bear had whispered in his ear to which he replied “he said to never travel with a friend that deserts you when there is danger again.”  The lesson is ‘misfortune is a test of friendship.’  On Tuesday,students volunteered to do a demonstration on the importance of trust for a team.  The volunteers were asked to roll a ball in a circle around the parachute using a wave motion.  This is a difficult task and requires team communication and trust.  One student had been asked to always “drop the ball”.  After a few attempts, the students discussed how the team lost trust for the student who always messed up because she was not dependable.  They observed that communication helped everyone know what what expected and that it is hard to trust someone if they are not dependable. On Wednesday we talked about what synonyms and antonyms were and we brainstormed other words that mean trustworthy. On Thursday, students shared examples of trust shown at our school throughout the week.

Polaris Star Students

This week’s star students were: Corey, Manny, Matthew, Nithin, Ryzek and Sophia. Awesome!!!



Supply Donations

We are running very low on a number of supplies both in classrooms and in the office.  Please look at the list below and send in donations if possible.  All the little ways you all help are what make Polaris great. Thank you!

* Tissues
* White copy paper
* Clorox wipes
* Kitchen trash bags (13 gallon)
* AA or AAA batteries
* Paper towels

Morning Drop-off

As you all know, carpool drop-off ends at 8:20 each morning.  Because the children have to cross the parking lot to get from the carpool area to the door, we ask that they are not dropped off if there is not a teacher to greet them at the curb.  If you arrive at the drop-off area after the teacher has gone in for morning meeting, please come around to the parking lot and bring your child to the door.  We appreciate all of your help with staying safe!

PEF News

Red Sox Raffle
We are raffling off a pair of Red Sox tickets again this year.  The game is July 18th and tickets are $5 each.  The winner will be drawn at the Pancake Brunch on May 18th.  To buy tickets or for more information, go to http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/raffle/.  Please send this out to as many people as you can!


The April PEF meeting is next Thursday, April 17th, at 7:00.


The PEF Annual Meeting in May is coming up fast.  We need a whole lot of new blood and help for next year. We’re looking for a new President, Vice President, Events Committee Chair, and Enrichment Committee Chair. Please contact Sarah for more information.


Paper orders are closed, but last minute online orders can be placed over this weekend.  Go to http://www.mythirtyone.com/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E4333168&from=DIRECTLINK to shop.


Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 18th!  The PEF will be hosting a Sunday Brunch at Milly’s Tavern.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/events/290278561122164/?ref=4 for details.


Our annual auction fundraiser will have a bunch of great items in it.  It will open online on May 1st, and go for two weeks.  A few items will be held over for bidding at the Brunch event.  Go to http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/get-involved/fundraising/auction/ to see a list of current items.


This Week in Ms. Sargent’s Class

This week, students did a gallery walk to admire and compliment their peers on all of their hard work. Ms. Sargent was very proud of her student’s ability to give their peers such genuine comments. Following that, students began doing a chemistry scavenger hunt to begin their focus on science this quarter.

photo 4 photo 7 photo 3 photo 5 photo 2 photo 8

Lego Camp

Coming this summer –  Lego camp!

Manchester NH Summer LEGO® and Robotics Camp

June 23–27 

Polaris Char­ter School   

100 Coolidge Ave.  Man­ches­ter, NH 03102

Cost: $295.

Hours: 9:00am — 3:00pm

Early drop-off avail­able from 7:45– 8:45am  Cost: $25

 Reg­is­tra­tions for 2014 Sum­mer Camp are now open!

 Super Hero League   Ages: 6–9 

Minecraft Robot­ics and Hov­er­crafts    Ages 9–13

 Please visit their website for more information and to register.


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