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Week Ending 4/04/14

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Special Visitor

On Thursday Senator Jim Rubens visited our school. He has authored charter school legislation in the past and is interested in seeing the end result of this work.  He spent time learning about Polaris and our mission, toured the classrooms as well as held two questions and answer sessions with students.

He and his campaign manager were very impressed with our program, but most especially with our students. They were so polite!  It was wonderful to see them approach Mr. Ruben to shake his hand and introduce themselves.  He was struck by the intelligent, thoughtful questions that they asked him as well.  We couldn’t have asked for a better example of how we do things at Polaris Charter School!

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It is hard to believe that it is already April.  This month, our Core Value is Trustworthiness. We started the week by defining what it means to be trustworthy.  On Wednesday we read a summary of the Chinese folktale “The Empty Pot.” In this book, a wise old emperor was looking for his successor. Each child was given a seed and the one who grew the most beautiful flower would be chosen. A boy named Ping was a wonderful gardner and he was sure that he could grow a great flower but in spite of his best effort, nothing grew.  When the emperor called for the all the children to bring their flowers, Ping was ashamed that his pot was empty while the other children’s contained beautiful flowers. What none one realized was that the emperor and given them seeds that were already cooked and could not grow.  Ping was picked as the ruler because he was the only one that had enough integrity to be honest.  On Thursday we listened to Billy Joel’s song “Its a Matter of Trust” and on Friday I asked for a student who trusted me to volunteer to help me.  Corey stood with his back to me and trusted me to catch him when he fell backward.

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair” – Unknown

Polaris Star Students

Friday we recognized last week’s star students for their responsible actions. Congratulations to: Chloe, Ephrim, Jesse, Sirus and Tia as well as Lasya and Rithika (shown in second picture)

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We also honored this week’s students who demonstrated being trustworthy.  Nice job Calvin, Charlotte, Emmy, Lexi, Nevaeh and Maria.

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  • SCHOOL BUS DRILLS: If your family uses Manchester school busses for transportation, be aware that the busses will be running evacuation drills for the next month on all Manchester busses.  They have made arrangements to avoid disruptions in the schedules, but please be patient if they run late for a day or two.
  • BOARD MEETINGS: The schedule for Polaris Board public meetings has changed.  They are now scheduled for the second Thursday of each month at 6pm on the third floor at Polaris.
  • RECESS: Spring is in the air and we are happily going outside for recess again.  As we all know, Spring weather is quite unpredictable, so we ask that you continue sending appropriate outdoor-wear for recess.  When we ask the children to wear coats, light jackets or sweatshirts have seemed to be the most comfortable choices.

PEF News


The Read-A-Thon was very successful!  65% of our students participated and they read a total of 45,749 minutes.  That’s over a month of reading!  The students raised over $4800, and after we hand out the prizes, we will net around $3400.  The two winning classes for most reading time are Ms. Verrill for Primary, and Miss Haynes for Intermediate.  Thank you to everyone who participated, we hope your kids had fun!

Mother’s Day Fundraiser

We’ve partnered with a local Thirty-One gifts consultant for a quick fundraiser.  20% of all sales go to the Playground Fund.  Go to http://www.mythirtyone.com/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E4333168&from=DIRECTLINK to shop.

Orders are due next Thursday, April 10th, in order to get the items back before Mother’s Day.

PEF Brunch

Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 18th!  The PEF will be hosting a Sunday Brunch at Milly’s Tavern.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/events/290278561122164/?ref=4 for details.

New PEF Board Members

The PEF Annual Meeting in May is coming up fast.  We need a whole lot of new blood and help for next year.  We’re looking for a new President, Vice President, Events Committee Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, and Enrichment Committee Chair.  Please contact Sarah Shor for more information.

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