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Week Ending 3/21/14

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House Bill 435

20140310_133034The House voted to send the charter school funding bill, HB 435 to interim study. The bill would have increased our per pupil funding from 40% of the state average to 50%.  It came very, very close to passing. The vote was a roll call, and you can find out how your Reps voted here. If they voted YEA that means they voted to send the bill to study which basically has killed it for now. If they voted NAY it means they did not support sending it to additional study and supported the underlying bill (good). The vote ended up being very partisan.  Please take a minute to view how your representative voted and remember it at election time. Also, please take a moment to contact your Reps and thank those who voted NAY.


20140321_103919At Monday’s morning gathering we reflected on how often we say or hear statements such as “Its not my fault,” “Its not my job,” or “that’s just the way I am.  All of these are excuses used to deflect accountability.

Tuesday, students were shown an interview with Danny Keefe and Tommy Cooney.  You might recall the true story about about how Tommy rallied his football team to Danny who was being teased for the way he dressed as well as a speech impediment caused by a brain injury. It really brought the story that we had read to life.

Wednesday we talked about making mistakes and being accountable for them.  We all make mistakes and that’s OK!

On Thursday, we discussed responsible classroom behavior and how that extends into other classes like, Music, PE and Art.  We read the quote “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”  Students did a great job with recognizing that everyone is responsible for the actions of a group.

Polaris Star Students

Our group of star students from last week were recognized on Monday. Congratulations to: Gaby, Gus, Maria, Myleigh, Shea and Spencer!

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Our star students for this week were Caedan, Darby, Mathew, Sebastian and Wren.  Nice job!

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The weather has finally warmed up enough to get outside but it is still cold out.  Please continue to have your child bring a coat, gloves and hat.

PEF News

Read-a-Thon Packets are due Monday the 24th, sorry for any confusion.

PLEASE send in your children’s reading logs even if you didn’t raise any money. Every child who completed the reading gets a prize and the classrooms that read the most get a prize.z

Red Sox Raffle
We are raffling off a pair of Red Sox tickets again this year.  The game is July 18th and tickets are $5 each.  The winner will be drawn at the Pancake Brunch on May 18th.  To buy tickets or for more information, go to http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/raffle/.  Please send this out to as many people as you can!
Spring Fling
The Spring Fling is next Friday the 28th at 6:00p,!  If you didn’t get your paper RSVP in by today, please RSVP to Kathy Burtram so she knows how much food to order.  This is our annual adults-only social event, and it’s at Milly’s Tavern.

Medieval Times

Miss Haynes’ class has been exploring the Medieval Times. They are creating a royal kingdom within the classroom. Each student has a role in the kingdom that they have researched so that they know how to act, what their responsibilities are, and what they need to wear. The class tailor, Georgia Schill has been working hard to create the costumes. This reenactment has required students to collaborate, plan, sketch out ideas, build/design things, and explore cartography. Soon we will be role playing and acting out different scenarios as a way to see how much we know about Medieval times!

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