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Week Ending 3/14/14

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Lottery numbers  for the 2014-2015 academic year were drawn at Polaris at 7:00pm on Friday, March 7th. A special thank to our State Representative Emily Sandblade for pulling the the numbers for us.  The lottery results can be viewed here.

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We talked more about responsibility this week.  At Monday’s morning gathering we read a true story about a young girl from Maine who found a purse full of money and valuables.  While it might have been tempting to keep it, instead this girl tracked down the owner and returned her items.  The purse belonged to a Cambodian woman who was preparing to travel back home taking all her valuables with her.

On Tuesday, students listed and watched the video for the Responsibility Rap.  You can play it here.

Wednesday we read different scenarios and discussed what actions would show responsibility.  For example, what could you do if you broke a picture frame while playing ball in the house.  Some of the responses that students shared were: tell your parents, apologize, offer to pay for a new frame and promise to not play ball in the house again (or at least use a softer ball :-).

Ms. Sargent's Class Responsibility Wordles

Ms. Sargent’s Class Responsibility Wordles

Polaris Star Students

Our group of star students recognized for their responsible actions will be shared in next week’s newsletter.  I would like to recognize Mikail for the respect award he received a couple of weeks ago.  He was not present to accept his certificate.

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There is no school on Friday, March 13th.   It is a teacher workshop day and we will be attending the New Hampshire Public Charter School Association “Best Practices” Conference.

PEF News

Only a few days left for our annual Read-a-Thon.  Keep tracking your kid’s reading time, and keep looking for sponsors!  For more info, go to the Read-a-Thon page on the PEF’s Web site http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/read/.
Next Enrichments
Please don’t forget to register for instrument lessons and karate! Especially instrument lessons. We need the time to organize the schedule and arrange for teachers. Thank you!Here is the link for Karate Sign Ups:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1buxl-4HZcq3WCYBLr3U2gEK0NA3wopa9HGRyO7RyOxE/viewformHere is the link for Musical Instrument Sign Ups:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18B3j3Jpb_yYZE9t6KnLJAPN6YLEgv0sWsCDmwQENtgo/viewform

Red Sox Raffle
We are raffling off a pair of Red Sox tickets again this year.  The game is July 18th and tickets are $5 each.  The winner will be drawn at the Pancake Brunch on May 18th.  To buy tickets or for more information, go to http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/raffle/.  Please send this out to as many people as you can!
Spring Fling
Time to get excited about our Spring Fling.  This is our annual adults-only social event.  This year it will be Friday March 28th at Milly’s Tavern.  This was a really fun event last year, and we’re hoping it grows this year. More information will come home soon!


Hang in there –  the first day of SPRING is one week away!  In spite of this winter weather, I have noticed some buds on trees and while losing an hour last weekend has been an adjustment for many of us, it is so nice to have more daylight in the evening.  Everyone please enjoy your weekend! 

Giving Tuesday

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