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Week Ending 2/14/14

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Change to Cut-Off Date

Polaris Charter School has changed the cut-off date from December 31st to September 30th.  This applies to enrolled students too.   Students moving from the Primary group to the Intermediate group should turn 9 years old by September 30th.

Parents or guardians requesting earlier entry to an Intermediate class should make their request in writing, giving the reasons for their request. A parent/guardian may submit additional data, including testing, observations, and teacher recommendations which support the request.

The Director(s), classroom teacher(s), and the Admissions Committee will review the parent/guardian request and any data and will come to one of three conclusions: 1) that the child is eligible, 2) that the child is not eligible, or 3) that there is a need for more appropriate data/assessment.

If additional assessment is required, the school will assess the child’s readiness (with the parent or guardian’s written permission), using whatever assessments the professional team deems appropriate and make a final decision based upon the data. The Director(s) and other representatives of the professional team will meet with the parents/guardians to inform them of the decision.

Please contact Liz Putnam if you have any questions.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T – we jammed to this Aretha Franklin classic on Wednesday. On Monday, we read different scenarios and students shared how to react in response.  For example: What could you do if you saw someone being teased on the bus?  Tuesday, we read a short story called The Cracked Water Pot.  A water bearer carried two large pots on each end of a pole over his shoulder.  One pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water while the other was imperfect and had a crack and delivered only half.  The imperfect pot felt like a failure until the water bearer pointed out the flowers on the side of the path that it watered.  The moral is that we all have cracks and flaws but we should take each person as they are and see the good in them.

Enrollment for Next Year

If you have friends interested in enrolling at Polaris,the deadline for new families to enroll is February 17th, 2014. The enrollment form can be found at www.sycamoreeducation.com/enroll.php?schoolID=2024 (click). Instructions can be viewed here.  If you are enrolling a sibling of a current student we MUST HAVE a completed paper application.  It is available here.  Note that you must also complete the paper forms for siblings as well.

Polaris Star Students

Due to our snow days, this week’s star students will be featured in next week’s newsletter.


There is no school on Monday, 2/17 in observance of Presidents’ Day.

PEF News

Dine Out
Our next Dine-Out night is Tuesday February 25th, at the Longhorn Steakhouse

Auction Start getting excited for our spring auction!  The online auction will start at the beginning of May, culminating in a silent auction at our Pancake Breakfast in mid-May.  Check out the items we’ve had donated already at: http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/get-involved/fundraising/auction/ 

Really Life Math

On Tuesday, Mr. Ewald came and talked to the Intermediate students about sectors and perspective drawing, which taught the kids about how people use geometry in everyday life. The kids then split up into two groups. One group worked in teams to build their own sectors. The other group worked on perspective drawing.

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