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Week Ending 1/30/14

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Enrollment for Next Year

photoIf you have friends interested in enrolling at Polaris,the deadline for new families to enroll is February 17th, 2014.  Attending an information session is mandatory and the last one is Sunday, February 2nd at 1:00pm.  The enrollment form can be found at www.sycamoreeducation.com/enroll.php?schoolID=2024 (click). Instructions can be viewed here.  If you are enrolling a sibling of a current student we MUST HAVE a completed paper application.  It is available here.


Everyday People

Everyday People

We had many more great discussions at morning gathering this week. On Monday, we recalled the lessons that we had learned so far. Students’ recollection of them and their understanding of the meanings were awesome. On Tuesday we read an adaptation of the Aesop Fable The Lion and the Mouse by Rose Owens.  We learned that a fable is a story that teaches a moral.  The moral of this one was that ‘little friends may prove to be great friends.’ On Wednesday we switched gears a bit and listened to the song “Everyday People” by Sly and the Family Stone. The children loved it!  After listening to it, I read the lyrics which emphasized accepting people’s differences.  Finally, on Thursday we incorporated some science into our social/emotional lesson. I demonstrated Bernoulli’s Principal using wind bags (an 8 foot long tubular bag with a knot in the end).  A student volunteer was able to inflate the bag in 15 breaths.  We repeated the process with new volunteers but this time Ms. M had a bag and challenged them to a race.  The students were amazed when I was able to hold the bag away about 10 inches away from my mouth and inflate it with one breath. The science explanation is that the faster a stream of air moves, the lower the its pressure. The stream of air from my lungs created an area of low pressure causing the higher pressure air in the surrounding atmosphere to force its way into the area of low pressure. The air in the atmosphere was pulled into the windbag at the same time I was blowing into the bag. Like the molecules of air working together, Polaris students all have different skills and ideas to share. We can accomplish so much more when we support each other and work together!

Polaris Star Students

Star Students

Star Students

This week’s students that were honored for showing tolerance/diversity were: Allie, Darby, Josie, Maliha, Manny and Sarah. Nice job!

 Ms. Sargent Rocks!

Ms. Sargent was recognized this week by Moin Orthodontics’ “My Teacher Rocks” program. A winner is chosen every three months during the school year and the teacher is awarded a plaque along with a gift to benefit their classroom. Emma nominated Ms. Sargent twice. Ms. Sargent received a much needed four drawer file cabinet for her classroom.  Thank you Emma and Moin Orthodontics and congratulations Ms. Sargent!

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On Wednesday, Miss Haynes class performed a science experiment to see how fins effect the flight of rockets.  Each student made a paper rocket and had to design fins to attach on to it.  They drew out their design, built their fins and then tested their rocket.  Students learned about applied force, air resistant force and how the weight, shape and placement of fins effects flight.

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PEF News

Spirit Wear Round II

Spirit Wear orders were due today, but if you missed the deadline you can send email orders to Sarah and send in payment on Monday.

Karaoke Dance
Our Karaoke Dance is next Friday February 7th. Join us for a fun night of food, singing, and dancing. To sign up to help out, please go to www.SignUpGenius.com/go/904084FAFAE229-karaoke/4314044.Dine Out at Texas Roadhouse
Our next dine-out night is Tuesday February 25th, at the Texas Roadhouse on South Willow St. in Manchester. Our Red Sox ticket raffle will kick off that night.  If you are available to help sell raffle tickets at the restaurant, please contact Kathy Burtram.

Shoe Fundraiser
Our shoe fundraiser will end next weekend.  Please bring in shoes for donation this week.  They don’t have to be shoes from your family, any still wearable shoes (except winter boots) will be great.  The shoes stay out of landfills and we get a donation for every pound of shoes we send in.  We’ll be sorting the shoes during the Karaoke dance, if you’re at the dance please consider lending a hand.Enrichment

Sign up for the two latest enrichment offerings, Sculpture for kids, or Programming with Tynker.

The Sculpture sign-up is at:


The Tynker sign-up is at:



Start getting excited for our spring auction!  The online auction will start at the beginning of May, culminating in a silent auction at our Pancake Breakfast in mid-May.  Check out the items we’ve had donated already at: http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/get-involved/fundraising/auction/

Library Volunteer Needed

Sarah Shor and Melissa Coffey made great progress on arranging the Polaris library early this year. Now we need a volunteer or two to pick up where they have stopped.  The shelves are up and books are waiting in boxes to be catalogued and organized on the shelves.  Once the books are shelved, the library just needs a general clean-up and some signs explaining library policies and procedures.  If you are able to help get the library finished, or even get it closer to completion, please contact Sarah Shor.

Playground News

We continue to hear from parents and students that they feel strongly about improving the Polaris playground space.  We were able to have wood chips installed to cover the dirt this year, but would like to do more!  The students have recently shown their commitment to this project in a number of ways including Mrs. Post’s class researching the installation of a Buddy Bench, and two groups in Ms. Haynes’ class working on ground cover and play structures.

Georgia and Amana started their work by surveying students in all the classes about what types of equipment they would like to have on the playground.  Their survey found that students want slides, swings, monkey bars, a rope “spider web”, and a soccer goal.  They then created a scale model of the play area to use in planning playground design.  They have been using the internet to research potential equipment options, looking for equipment based on which is least expensive, highest quality, and suitable for public areas.

Ava and Natalie have been researching ground cover options.  They surveyed students throughout the school to determine whether they preferred wood chips or rubber mulch.  They found that a great majority would prefer rubber mulch, with the top reasons being that it hurts to fall on the wood chips, it hurts when it is stuck in your shoes, and it gets dragged into the building.  Ava and Natalie are recommending rubber mulch because it has been shown to be safer to fall on, and does not break down so it will not need to be replaced as often.

The students plan to keep us all informed as they make progress in their research.  In the meantime, the whole Polaris community would appreciate any support you can give, especially financial or material donations.  To find out more about contributing to the playground effort, contact Sarah Shor.

Cultural Flags

This week we did an activity as a school to learn more about each other’s culture.  Culture is the study of the materials, social groups, beliefs, and arts of groups of people. Using pictures, magazine cuttings and drawings, each student made a flag that represented their traditions, interests, and backgrounds. On Wednesday we hung them up in the gathering room and and did a gallery walk where all students were able to admire each other’s flags. The students loved sharing more about each other and it was a wonderful experience.

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