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Week Ending 1/10/14

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Re-Enrollment for Next Year

Building with Gears

Building with Gears

In order to reserve a spot for your child(ren) next year, all current students who will be continuing at Polaris Charter School must login to our student information system (SIS) and re-enroll for the 2014-2015 academic year.  You will also be able to enroll a new sibling at Polaris during this process by adding that student. The deadline for re-enrolling/enrolling your child(ren) is January 27th, 2014.  A Polaris Application must be downloaded at the end of the online process and completed for new students. Family’s usernames and passwords for accessing the SIS were emailed separately on Friday.  The re-enrollment form can be found at www.sycamoreeducation.com/enroll.php?schoolID=2024 (click). Instructions can be viewed here.  If you need any assistance, contact Liz or Jen.

Funding Vote

A bill to increase charter school funding passed in the House on Wednesday and will now go before the House Finance Committee.  Currently, Polaris receives $5495 per pupil which is 40% of the $13,159 average statewide cost per pupil for public schools. If this bill passes in the Finance Committee, the percent would be increased to 50% of the statewide average.  Please contact your representatives and members of the finance committee to show your support for this bill.

Information Session

Our next information sessions are on Saturday, January 25th at 10:00am and 1:00pm.  If you know of any families that are interested in Polaris, please have them email Liz Putnam at e.putnam@polarischarterschool.org or call the office at 634-0034 to RSVP.  Attendance at an Information Session is mandatory for new families.


This month’s Core Value is tolerance and diversity.  At morning gathering we have discussed what it means to be tolerant of others. We read a poem by Shel Siverstein titled Long-Leg Lou and Short-Leg Sue. Ask your child if they can remember what happened when Long-Leg Lou was not tolerant of how fast Short-Leg Sue could walk. On Thursday, students helped me draw a picture on the large white board.  The volunteers drew the sun, a rainbow, people, grass and even a duck! The only problem was the only color marker available was green. Wouldn’t life be boring if everyone was the same? Our differences make the world a more beautiful place.

To correspond with our learning about diversity and tolerance, we are going to be doing a school-wide project in each classroom.  Every student will make a cultural flag to illustrate our unique backgrounds.  We are asking parents to sit down with their child(ren) and find magazine cuttings and pictures that represent their culture.  The children will make the flags in their classrooms and we will be displaying them in the gathering room and sharing them with each other.

Polaris Star Students


Weekly Star Students

This week’s students that were honored for their acts of tolerance/diversity were: Ethan, Amana, Chloe, Mohammed, Dory and Annika. Nice job!


PEF News

PEF Meeting
PEF meetings have moved back to the third Thursday of the month.  The next meeting is next Thursday the 16th.

Movie Day This Sunday!!
Come join us for a double feature this Sunday!  We’re showing Disney’s Planes at 1:00 and Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone at 4:00.  Pizza will be available to purchase before the first movie from 12:15-1:00, and Subs will be available before the second movie from 3:15 – 4:00. Popcorn and drinks will be available throughout the event.  There will also be a Bake Sale hosted by a group from Mrs. Post’s class raising money for their class project focused on improving education for children in Chad, Africa. Any money they raise will be sent to a school in Chad.

Recycle your shoes!
We’ve teamed up with ShoeBox Recycling to recycle shoes.  Bring in gently used, still wearable shoes for collection.  The shoes get sent to micro businesses in developing countries for sale in second hand markets and the PEF gets a donation for every box of shoes we sent in.  The shoes stay out of landfills, small merchants get helped, and we get a donation: everybody wins!  You don’t have to just bring your own shoes, feel free to collect shoes from friends and family as well.  The collection box will be at the base of the rear stairs.  We’ll be sending in the shoes in late January. Please Click Here to see the flyer for information about what shoes they do and do not accept.

Engineering Project

Student’s in Ms. Sargent’s class completed a project that focused on science, engineering and team building. The students worked in 5 groups of 3 and their task was to build a structure at least a foot high and long if they chose and it had to hold a book. They could only use up to 30 pieces of paper and one roll of masking  tape. First, they discussed the scientific method and each student made a hypothesis as to what type of structure would work best. Then they had to use graph paper to draw out their design. Then each student shared their design and the group chose one to build. It was wonderful to see everyone working together and the creativity they exhibited was incredible. It was amazing to see many students go above and beyond the required book. Many used the required book, but added on dictionaries and other heavier items. Everyone should be incredibly proud of their work!

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