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Week Ending 11/15/13

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photoAs winter weather is approaching, this is a good time to review Polaris Charter School’s school cancellation/delay policy.  Our school follows the Manchester School District’s weather-related decisions;  if they are closed/delayed we are too.  Cancellations or delays will be announced before 6:30 a.m. on the following radio and TV stations:

WZID-FM (95.7)                     WMLL-FM (96.5)

WGIR-AM (610) & FM (101.1)         WMUR-TV Channel 9

We also typically send an email and post it on the PEF Facebook page.  On occasion, Polaris may make an independent weather-related decision, as our students come from many towns and cities in New Hampshire. In such instances, the radio and TV stations mentioned above will carry any special announcements for Polaris Charter School. Parents are encouraged to use their own discretion in commuting on days with snow or icy conditions. If you decide that travel conditions are too hazardous, whether or not school has been delayed or cancelled, your child(ren) will be given an excused absence. If Polaris is in session, weather-related absences should still be called in to the School Office and followed up with a written excuse, signed by the parent/ guardian.

If there is a delayed opening for the Manchester School District on a Wednesday, Polaris Charter School will be closed.

Pennies for Patients


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Please remember to collect spare change to donate to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) .  So far we have raised a total of $123.12.  We will be collecting coins until November 22nd. If your child’s box is full, we have collection boxes in each classroom. They can empty it there and bring it back home. The classroom that collects the most change gets a pizza party!


Work Day

On Saturday from 1:30-4:00 we will have a Work Day at Polaris.  Please come help us clean/organize the furnace room, unpack and distributing chairs and  assemble and install shelving. After, you can have a meal and relax at the Thanksgiving Potluck dinner!

Polaris Star Students

Star Students

Star Students

This week’s good citizens are: Charlotte, Emmy, Lexi, Navaeh, Sirus and Tazha. Congratulations!


Our policy for recess is to take the kids outdoors for fresh air and play every day possible.  If the temperature/wind chill is above 25, we will be taking the kids outside so please make sure they bring winter coats, gloves, hats, etc.  If there is snow, they will also need snow pants and boots.

Professional Development

Polaris staff and some board members participated in a workshop on Project Based Learning (PBL) from 1:30-6:30 on Wednesday November 13th.  It was given by Angela Marzilli who is a PBL/STEM specialist who works for the Portland Maine School District and does consulting.Teachers were provided with tools and resources to assist their students with developing their projects.


Students in Ms. Petzold’s class visited Mrs. Post’s classroom today.  Each primary student was paired with an intermediate student who taught them how to make a simple machine in the form of a pull toy.  The students worked wonderfully together!

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Because volunteers are critical for operating Polaris, we ask every family to commit at least 10 hours a year toward making children’s experience at the best it can be!

Click here to view the opportunities to help us.

If you need more information about volunteering, contact PEF  Volunteer Coordinator, Melissa Coffey, or call Polaris Charter School Administrative Assistant, Michelle Mathieu at 603-634-0034.

PEF News

Thanksgiving Potluck

The Thanksgiving Potluck is coming up on Saturday November 16th from 5:00-8:00. Come share a meal and make new friends!

Next Meeting

The next PEF Monthly meeting will be Monday November 18th at 7:00


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