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Week Ending 11/1/13

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On November 7th, House Bill 435 is up for Executive Session.  This is the bill that would fund public charter school students at 50% of the state’s average tuition instead of the 40% we currently receive. This bill would result in over $130,000 of increased funding for our school!

photo 2Please take a moment to click on the link below, fill in your zip code, and use the opportunity to include a personal and positive comment in support of HB 435.   Charter school families are small in number (at a state level) but together will have a powerful voice.   It is important to keep our messages positive and productive– please focus on Polaris and the vital role Charter schools play rather than making any negative comments about local school districts, etc.

Please note that you will need to use your nine digit zip code separated with a dash i.e. 00000-0000.  A simple Google search will tell you what the additional four digits for your zip code are.  There are so many House Representatives that we need the extra digits to make sure it goes to the Representative that covers the correct constituent. Please take a moment to look them up and give Polaris voice at the State level!

Please click on the link below.  Remember that some suggested talking points are listed below the link.  Please forward this email to any NH residents of voting age who support the Polaris Charter School and/or Charter schools in general.  Think of neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family members.  Let’s rally behind this opportunity to bring about a real improvement to our funding situation!

Here is the link:


Some talking points to use in comments, or just share your own personal experience:

Please support increased funding for NH Public Charter Schools by voting forward
the policy of HB 435 giving NH public charter students 50% of the state


  • NH Public Charter Schools Students are the Lowest Funded Public Charter School students in our country at $5,498.30/ student. HB 435 would provide $6,579.57.
  • The national average is 80% for the amount of tuition following from the student’s district of residence.
  • The Ball State Report: Charter Funding Inequity Persists; Ball State University May 2010. Average charter school underpaid $2,247 of their district funding nationally or a 19% funding disparity.
  •  NH Public Charter School students currently receive $5,498.30/student . That is 40% of the state average of $13,159 minus transportation or a 60% funding disparity.
  • NH Public Charter schools receive no additional funds or stipends for facilities, transportation or catastrophic aid.
  • Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) differentiated aid formula was drastically reduced and full funding for a full day of kindergarten was halved from, $5,450 to $3,725. This new formula only affected public charter schools and districts funding levels were frozen at the 2010-11 levels
  • Supporting Public Charter School Options Fuels Economic Development for NH. NH charter schools currently directly employ over 260 full-time employees and 200 part time employees in 22 facilities throughout the state.  The number of indirect jobs in accounting, janitorial and consumer products has not been calculated.
  • The New Hampshire Public Charter Schools Contribution to Dropout Prevention. NH Public Charter Schools Create Innovative Public Education Options to engage more students in their learning.  Since their inception in 2004 the state authorized public charter schools have graduated over 700 high school students.

THANK YOU for your time and attention to this effort!!!

Polaris Star Students


Star Students of the Week

This week’s star students who showed the value of community are: Ava, Bindhi, Charlotte, Josiah, Madison, Sarah and Tia. Way to go!

Egg Drop

photo 2photoStudents in Mrs. Dudley’s class worked  to construct a birds nest that could protect a falling egg from various heights. They could only use straws, duct tape and one of the following; felt, sponge, Popsicle sticks, or styrofoam. Some students’ nests protected eggs dropped from eight feet!


Oobleck 3Oobleck 1Ms. Petzold’s students did a fun science experiment making Oobleck made from cornstarch and water.   When you tap on it’s surface it feels hard yet if you slowly dip your fingers into it they slide through it. Is it solid? Is it liquid? Is it both? Can it be both?

PEF News

Thanksgiving Potluck

The Thanksgiving Potluck is coming up on Saturday November 16th. Come share a meal and make new friends! Keep an eye out for a link to a sign-up soon.

Original Works Fundraiser

The Original Works art fundraiser packets will be coming home soon. We hope to have them next week.  The art looked great when we packed it up to send, we hope you’re excited to see the results!  The packets will include a magnet with your child’s artwork on it to give you an idea of what the products will look like. The magnets need to be purchased to be kept.  If you don’t want the magnet, PLEASE send it back to school with your child. Any magnets not returned and not paid for will have to paid for by the PEF. Thank you!

Next Meeting

The next PEF Monthly meeting will be Monday November 18th at 7:00


  • There will be no school on November 5th as parent-student-teacher conferences will be held
  • Sign up to volunteer at conferences
  • Please look through the  lost and found while you are at school

Giving Tuesday

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