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The Week Ending 9/20/13

Polaris Star

New Staff

It is a pleasure to introduce some wonderful new staff members who have joined our Polaris community.  Shelly Duggan and Lisa Vlasich are our Educational Assistants.  Shelly works with our Intermediate teachers and students while Lisa is with our Primary group.  Their presence allows for greater ability to work with students individually or in small groups.  In addition, their familiarity with classroom routines will allow for consistency when teachers are absent.

Also joining us this year are two new Specialist teachers.  Ian Feller is our Physical Education and Jane Cormier is our Music Teacher.  Please take a moment to get to know them better by  clicking here.

Polaris Star Students

Polaris Stars of the Week

Polaris Stars of the Week

Today, seven more students were recognized for going above and beyond to be a good friend.  Congratulations to:  Ryzek Chretien, Maya Clough, Ephrim Kolias, Maverick Landry, Ryleigh Mahoney, Matthew Mancebo, and Spencer Whiting. Way to go!

School Wide Project


Friendship Rainbow

All of our Polaris students traced their hand and the rainbow we created is on display for all to admire.  The purpose of the project was to illustrate that each student is a very important part of our school and that our hands joined together in friendship creates something beautiful.

Reminders for Parents

  • If your child is going to be absent or if there is a change to drop off/pick up please email attendance@polarischarterschool.org.  You are welcome to email their teacher as well but if you only email the teacher and they are absent we will not get the information.


    Math Center

  • We have several fundraisers going on and they only require a few seconds at your computer to earn money for our school.  Click here to view
  • If you had a 4th grade student who took the science NECAP at Polaris last spring, their results went home in their folders today.

Pizza is Coming Soon!

imageLast year we offered pizza and water for sale at lunch time.  The kids loved the pizza, parents loved a day without having to make a lunch and it was a great fundraiser for our school.  Many of you have asked if we planned to do this again and the answer is yes! As of now, we plan to begin the week of September 30th.  More information will follow.

PEF News

The North Star Gift Bazaar is coming up on Saturday October 5th.  There’ll be vendors, a bake sale, and a chance to buy crafts made by our own Polaris students.  There will be a crafting area for kids to make their own crafts and take them with them, and the Fire Department will be there with a couple of trucks for the kids to check out.  We need lots of help to run the Bazaar from both kids and adults, so please check out tinyurl.com/giftbazaar to sign up!
The Fundraising Committee will be meeting to finish the final Bazaar planning on Friday, September 27th at 1:00 at the school.  Everyone is welcome!
Student Lead Reading

Student Lead Reading

Speaking of fundraising, I get asked often what we’re raising funds for.  You may not know that the State of New Hampshire funds charter schools at less than half the rate of district schools.  We have a 3 year start-up grant for things like furniture, computers, and curriculum materials, but after that three year period, there’s no extra funds to update or replace these things.  One of the jobs of the PEF is to fill in the holes between what the state gives us to run the school, and what it actually costs to keep the school going.  We’re fundraising now to provide a stable future for our school.

There are so many ways to help support our school, some (like scrip) won’t cost you any more money than you’re already spending.  Some, like our new North American Power program (http://napower.com/PEF) will actually save you money!  Check out all our exciting Fundraisers at http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/get-involved/fundraising/.

There’s so much coming up this fall, please keep checking the Web site often! http://polariseducationalfoundation.org/

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